A Clean Kitchen Is Important to Your Mom’s Health

Companion Care at Home Chico

Companion Care at Home Chico

Around six million Americans experience food poisoning every year. While some cases are difficult to avoid as food gets contaminated at harvest, during processing, or on the packaging line, cases within a home are avoidable. Make sure your mom’s taking steps to avoid food poisoning caused by improper food handling or bacteria in hidden areas of the kitchen.

What’s the Proper Way to Wash Dishes?

Does your mom use the same sponge for a week or two? If she does, she could spread bacteria to every dish she washes with that sponge. Ensure she puts it in her microwave and runs it on high for a minute after doing the dishes. This will kill germs. She could also put it in the dishwasher if that’s better.

Follow food safety guidelines when hand washing dishes. Please put them in a sink that’s filled with hot water. Use a clean sponge to scrub them with dish soap, remembering that the soap alone doesn’t kill all bacteria. Rinse them off and move them to a plastic tub that contains three gallons of water and two tablespoons of bleach.

Once you’ve washed all of the dishes, take them from the tub and use a paper towel to dry them off before putting them away. The dishwasher sanitizes with a heat dry cycle and uses less water, so that could be a better choice if your mom has one.

How Often Should You Sanitize Certain Areas?

How often should you sanitize areas like your mom’s counters, faucet handles, sinks, and appliance interiors? Here are the general guidelines.

  • Inside the Oven – Every few months but clean spills immediately
  • Refrigerator – Every few months but clean spills immediately
  • Stovetop – Every week but clean spills immediately
  • Coffee Maker – Once a week, run a cycle with distilled vinegar
  • Microwave Interior – Once a week
  • Sinks – Once a week
  • Faucet Aerator and Sprayer – Once a week
  • Counters – Daily
  • Faucet Handles – Daily

Mop your mom’s kitchen floors with a sanitizer once a week. If she has pets with access to the kitchen, you may want to increase that to twice a week. If your mom has COPD, watch the cleaners you use. Bleach may be too much for her, so aim for a sanitizer like vinegar instead. Unscented floor cleaners can also help kill germs without irritating your mom’s lungs with solid fragrances.

If your mom cannot clean her home alone, support her by arranging companion care at home. Let caregivers help with the laundry, vacuuming, dishes, and dusting. Your mom can do as much as possible, but she shouldn’t have to struggle with home care chores that are too strenuous. Hire companion care at home services today.


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