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With over 50 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable office staff is available 24/7 to support our caregivers and our clients. Our team is comprised of professionals that understand the challenges that face our clients and their families, and strive to be responsive and dependable.

Highly trained assistance

If you have a loved one who needs around the clock care but they can’t stand the idea of leaving their homes, then contact the highly trained staff at Partners In Care today.

Why home care?

  • Allows them to stay at home
  • Keeps families together
  • Keeps the elderly independent
  • Prevents/postpones institutionalization
  • Promotes healing
  • Personalized attention
  • Helps individual and their family
  • Reduces stress
  • Dedicated staff
  • Less expensive
  • Extends life of individual
  • Preferred form of care
  • Flexible Hours - we provide anywhere from a minimum of 4 hours to 24 hour care

Meet the Staff

Shaun Clinkinbeard President
Burt Wilson CEO
Bridgett Hodkin Director of Client Relations
Director of Client Relations
Helen Singh Accounting Manager
Accounting Manager
Melissa<br><b>Contact Team</b>
Contact Team
Peter Stack Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator
Naomi Wilson Care Coordinator
Care Coordinator
Susan Hopkins
Care Coordinator
Connie Coupe Care Coordinator
Care Coordinator
Sheila Sellers
Accounting Coordinator
Accounting Coordinator
Caregiver Liaison
Recruiting Coordinator
Tracy<br><b>Recruiting Coordinator</b>
Recruiting Coordinator
Recruiting Coordinator
Amanda Staffing Coordinator
Staffing Coordinator
AnaMariaStaffing Coordinator
Staffing Coordinator
Staffing Coordinator
Staffing Coordinator

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Our Caregivers

You will find that Partners In Care is devoted to helping your loved ones by providing them the most professional and reliable service in the industry. Our friendly aides have initial, as well as ongoing training, that far exceeds the state licensing requirements. More importantly, they have a passion for providing care to those who need it the most. You can rest easy knowing your loved ones are in good hands with our caregivers. Our services are also bonded and insured for your protection.

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The team at Partners in Care is proud to serve Sacramento, Auburn, Roseville, Chico, Lincoln, and throughout the Greater Sacramento area. We would love to help you get started with the services you need.

Get Immediate Help with Information, Costs & Payment Options.

Caregivers in Auburn, CA


"We are so thankful to have Kristin as our caregiver. She goes out of her way to be extra helpful and caring and very kind and thoughtful to us. We are truly blessed."

– Don and Billie G.


"Thank you for keeping me in good help. You have some really fine help. They are all well trained, good natured and compassionate ladies. I am very happy to have them. Thank you very much."

– Vivian C.


"We love our caregiver, she always comes with a smile. You sure do have wonderful employees."

– Rosemary L.


"Ashlan is a good fit for our needs and personality. She is willing and able to do what is needed. We are very pleased with her."

– Elizabeth N.


"Shaun came the first day with the caregiver. That is customer service. The caregiver is a person we put much trust in. Shaun does return calls and emails. All this is very important."

– Max Kane, PIC Client


"I want you to know how very happy we all are with Agnes.  She is a gem, so kind, sweet, always smiling, totally helpful, and very, very competent with her skills.  Pam and Kristy and I feel we could not have found a better caregiver to help with my mother Mavis.  In fact, Mavis just asked me to be sure to tell you that she is as pleased as we are with Agnes.

The situation is evolving so that I now believe Mavis may be continuing her recovery at home, rather than going into skilled nursing, as I had earlier thought.  So, we may want to keep Agnes, if this is possible, until the point where Mavis can be safely taken care of with one person.  She will see the surgeon two weeks from today, and we will know more then.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and excellent service to us."

– Tamara and Mavis


I would like to thank Partners In Care for my excellent experience with caregivers, while I have been post operative and recovering from back surgery. I have had three caregivers, and each one was professional and compassionate and hard-working. They took care of my needs and also helped with many household chores very cheerfully. I will definitely recommend partners to any of my friends who need a caregiver. It's nice to know that they were background checked and safe to have in my house. I also found the staff answering phones and arranging for caregivers to be very friendly and positive and I thank all of you for a great experience.

– Susan, Grass Valley

We are so blessed to have Millie as our caregiver. She is caring and always treats me with compassion.

– Phil G.

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