Alzheimer’s Care – How To Help Your Loved One Stay Active

Alzheimer's Care in Folsom CA

Alzheimer’s Care in Folsom CA

It’s not uncommon for people with Alzheimer’s disease to begin to withdraw from some of their favorite activities. In the early stages of the disease, they might get frustrated. Or they feel depressed that they aren’t able to do what they used to do. It may seem too hard to participate, so they become more inclined to pull away and withdraw completely.

As you care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s, helping him stay engaged with the activities he’s always loved is a good way to help him continue to have days that are filled with things that make him happy. Learn how to make adjustments for the things he used to love so that he can continue to enjoy them. Let’s look at some tips you and your Alzheimer’s care provider might use.

Pay Attention to What He Enjoys

Your loved one is content sitting in the backyard watching the birds at the birdfeeder. He gets upset when you try to help him use the binoculars to see them better. Just set the binoculars down and let him enjoy the birds in a way that makes him happy. Items that used to be of great assistance may now cause your loved one to become confused or irritated. Watch for what makes him happy and watch what distresses him so you can cater to what is best for him.

Focus on the Process, not the Completion

If your loved one enjoys building things with Legos but never finishes a project, that’s okay. Don’t force him to finish one before he starts another if that causes him to get upset. He may simply be enjoying the process of picking up the pieces and putting them together. Having you sit beside him or his Alzheimer’s care provider may be all he needs to find satisfaction.

Don’t Search for Perfection

Having your loved one still participate in household or yard chores is a great way to provide him with purpose and to help his self-esteem. It boosts one’s morale to know they are a needed member of a household. Instead of asking your Alzheimer’s care provider to fold the laundry, ask them to help guide your loved one in folding towels or matching socks. The goal isn’t for perfectly folded towels, but to let your loved one still be a valuable member of his home.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Things will go wrong, and items might get broken, but having a calm response will help your loved one want to continue to try. If you get too upset over little things, he’s more likely to withdraw more or become agitated himself. Items are just temporary things in your life, but the time spent with your loved one can create lifelong memories.

Adjust as Needed

Finally, as the disease progresses, you’ll need to make adjustments to your loved one’s activities. Be willing to change course when the time comes so that he can continue to participate in some way for as long as possible.

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