Are You Traveling to See Your Mom for the Holidays?

In-Home Care in Rocklin

In-Home Care in Rocklin

You live on the other side of the country. Every year, you travel to your mom’s home for the holidays. With the holidays approaching, what should you pay attention to during this year’s visit?

Does She Still Drive?

Does your mom still drive her car? Is she supposed to? If her doctor has told her to stop driving, how is she getting prescription refills, groceries, and household goods? How does she get to her doctor and dentist? Is she skipping those appointments due to lack of transportation?

If she is still driving, should she? Go out with her and consider how well she drives. If she’s having a hard time with arthritis pain and can’t turn her head to check for traffic in her blind-spots, she needs to stop driving.

Is She Taking Care of Herself?

It’s time to do a little snooping. What medications does she take? Is she taking them properly? If she forgets a dose, what happens? Is she taking too many pills because she forgets she’s already taken her pills that morning? If she forgets, it’s time to help her. Pill organizers or medication reminders are particularly important.

Does she change her clothes as often as she should? Is the laundry piled up? If she isn’t doing laundry enough, ask her why? If it’s hard for her to get to the laundry room, that needs to be addressed. She may need in-home care to do laundry for her.

How about meals? Does she have a lot of frozen pizzas and canned soups? If so, do they meet her dietary requirements for things like low-sodium, fat-free, or low-sugar? In that case, he may need help shopping and choosing the right foods.

How Is Her Mobility?

Do you notice your mom has a harder time getting up from the sofa? If she gets out of bed, are her joints stiff and causing issues maintaining her balance? Does she still climb up and down the stairs with ease, or is she struggling to catch her breath or step high enough to safely climb them?

If she needs a cane, does she use it enough? She may be stubborn and avoid using it, but it’s important to focus on her balance and mobility over pride.

Is She Active Enough?

Health experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five days a week. Does your mom get enough exercise? It’s important for flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and the prevention of chronic health conditions.

When your mom is having a harder time with housekeeping, personal care, or socialization, arrange to have in-home care aides help her. She’ll have a caregiver available to clean her home, do the laundry, drive her around town, and cook meals for her. Also, she has someone to talk to as often as she wants.

Arranging in-home care services is easy. Gather a list of questions you and other family members have, then talk to a specialist about caregiver visits.

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