Arthritis: Senior Care Can Benefit Those with Arthritis in Many Ways

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month and if somebody you know is dealing with arthritis, you may not fully appreciate how painful this condition can be.

Some people can find themselves completely immobilized by the arthritis pain in their hands, knees, ankles, hips, and elsewhere. Senior care could be a tremendous benefit for those individuals who suffer from arthritis.


Senior Care in Yuba City CA: Arthritis

Senior Care in Yuba City CA: Arthritis

Yes, medications can help.

Surgery and prescription medications might have some benefit for those dealing with rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis, but there is something else that can make a world of difference: senior care.
You may not have thought much about senior care in this scenario because you assumed it was only for those who have extreme health issues, or who are bedridden, or otherwise immobilized to some degree.
In truth, senior care can be a tremendous benefit for people from all walks of life, facing significant or just minor health issues or limited mobility.


How could senior care make a difference for somebody with arthritis?

Let’s say an elderly person prefers to remain home as opposed to moving to an assisted living facility. That is certainly their option. Yet, they have been dealing with arthritis that flares up more and more frequently lately.
Despite surgery, medications, and other treatments, it is starting to take its toll. This aging senior wants to remain home but living alone means a far more difficult challenge to prepare meals, do the laundry, take out the garbage, and so forth.

A home care aide could be a part of that senior’s routine that helps him or her prepare a meal, keep the house clean, do the laundry, get to the store, and even use the facilities or take a shower.
Depending on the type of home care one chooses, they may be able to find some direct medical attention daily, too. Perhaps applying ointment to the fingers or other joints may be necessary and, because the ointment is a prescription, that might require a licensed medical professional, like a visiting nurse, to assist.


Arthritis: A senior care provider can help aging men and women live on their own terms.

Arthritis can certainly make it seem as though the elderly person is losing control. When they constantly need assistance to perform any number of tasks, it can be frustrating. It can be debilitating.
It can make them feel helpless.

However, depending on senior care means that the elderly person can continue living life on their terms, without having to turn to family and friends all the time for assistance, and feel independent, still.

This month, if there is an elderly person in your family who is dealing with arthritis and it seems as though they are losing the ability to tend to their own basic care, sit down and talk to them about senior care options, including home care.

Once they realize they could depend on a home care aide for just a few hours a couple of days a week rather than around-the-clock care, it can open up a world of possibilities.


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