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Marilyn, someone I've known for more than 40 years, contacted me one day in June 2016 to talk about her sister and brother-in-law. 

She wanted information about care for her sister who had Parkinson's, and wanted to know all about Partners In Care. 

Her brother-in-law was exhausted caring for his very ill wife and Marilyn was very concerned about his well being.

Marilyn liked all the qualities of Partners In Care - the dedication, training, staff, support, etc.  

She said she heard everything she wanted to know and was going to share with her brother-in-law to encourage him to get help - he had been so stoic, being the only one to care for his wife.

Last Thursday evening, August 24, Marilyn phoned me to express her deep appreciation for the care her sister has received, for her brother-in-law's relief, and particularly the caregiver, Corina. 

The caregiver 'became family,' Marilyn told me.

We were both in tears at this point of the conversation, because her sister has passed away. 

Marilyn wanted to express her love for her sister by reaching out with appreciation for the quality of care provided, leaving a lasting and memorable impression for Joan's family.