Love on Valentine’s Day 


Valentine’s Day can cause mixed emotions for older adults who are widowed or living alone. Mourning the loss of a spouse or loved one, no matter how long it has been, can be especially difficult and finding a special way to show them some extra love on Valentine’s Day can make a big difference.

Whether you are a family member, caregiver, or close friend, a thoughtful gesture can be
rewarding and create a nice memory. Some suggestions are:
•  The timeless hand-written message. This can take the form of a card (handmade with a
photo or ready-made with printed sentiment inside) or letter written on special stationery
with matching envelope. Think of the ways your elder is a stand out person, how they
make you feel good, what you like about working with them, what you admire about how
they live their life. Then simply tell them straight from the heart.
•  Balloons – get more than one and tie them together with a ribbon. Helium filled or blown
up by you – the more the merrier. The ‘bouquet’ of color will last for days after the holiday
has passed and continue to be a reminder of feeling special.
•  Ask your elder if they would like to look through old photo albums and tell you about their
loves and loved ones from days gone by. Invite a conversation about sweet memories
from the past like their first kiss, first crush, first love.
•  Many older adults have a sweet tooth, so if yours does, present them with homemade
cookies or a selection of their favorite candy or candy bar(s). These can be sugar free if
preferable. Indulgence on Valentine’s Day can be a treat all by itself.
•  Ask about their favorite romantic movie and if they would like to watch it if possible. Ask them why it is their favorite.
•  Invite one of their friends or neighbors over for tea, coffee, or cocktails. This third person
might appreciate being included as you might make their day special, too. 
•  If transportation is not a problem, take them for a drive to a favorite restaurant, park, or
scenic drive. Seeing the outdoors or favorite neighborhood can be a big boost if staying
indoors most of the time.
•  Think red. Get a bottle of red food coloring and make red pancakes or waffles for breakfast. Make red cupcakes or cookies. Make red tea. Dress them in red. Use red place-mats and napkins and plates, etc.
Making Valentine’s Day special for your loved one, client, or friend, will be rewarding and remembered as a special day for a long time.
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