Can Home Care Assistance Help Your Dad with Foot Care?

Home Care Assistance in Roseville

Home Care Assistance in Roseville

Something as simple as foot pain can keep your dad from completing daily chores and self-care tasks. Studies find that about 25% of adults experience foot pain. That pain increases the risk of falls or mobility issues.

While ill-fitting shoes and injuries can lead to foot pain, improper foot care is also a leading cause of pain. How well is your dad taking care of his feet?

Things Your Dad Should Be Doing

What should your dad do to ensure his feet are healthy? Firstly, he needs to trim his toenails every two or three weeks. This depends on how quickly they grow. When he cuts his toenails, it needs to be straight across and not curved.

Each day, your dad should wash his feet to remove any dirt. Then, he needs to dry them thoroughly, including between the toes. As he dries them, he should look for any blisters or sores. If he sees anything, he should apply an antibiotic cream, then a bandage.

After that, apply a foot cream to his heels to keep them from becoming dry and cracked. Cracked heels can allow bacteria into the wound, and that can lead to an infection.

Your dad needs to put on socks that wick away moisture. When he puts on shoes or slippers, he needs to make sure they fit correctly. If they’re too tight and pinch, it can trigger foot pain. Conversely, if they’re too loose, they can rub and create blisters.

Has your dad ever seen a podiatrist? In brief, he should. Talk to his doctor about a referral, so that he can have his feet assessed. His podiatrist can address the best footwear if your dad is experiencing foot pain. Sometimes, special inserts or shoes with additional padding will help alleviate the pain.

Have your dad’s feet sized to ensure he’s buying the correct size. If he’s wearing shoes that are too small or too large, it’s not helping. His podiatrist may help, but a shoe salesperson will also have the tools available to properly measure his feet. Once he’s found a brand that fits correctly, stick to that brand. Obviously, different manufacturers’ sizing varies slightly.

Would Home Care Assitance Aides Help Him?

What keeps your dad from proper foot care? For some older adults, bending over without losing your balance is tough. Others lack the flexibility to bring a foot up high enough to look at the bottom of the foot or apply foot cream.

As foot pain can be a leading cause of mobility issues, make sure your dad’s feet don’t go ignored. In addition, if he’s struggling with foot care, arrange home care assistance services. He can have a caregiver help him with nail care, washing and drying the feet properly, and applying a moisturizer. Call a home care assistance specialist to get started.

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