Can Walking Reduce the Risk of Getting Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's Care in Auburn

Alzheimer’s Care in Auburn

There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but there are some things that may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Likewise, there are things that may slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. Many seniors already know that eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising can help improve their health and lower their risk of developing many illnesses, including Alzheimer’s. But seniors and their families may not realize that just walking everyday can also reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s. It can also slow down cognitive decline for seniors.

According to studies, seniors only need to walk about 9,000 steps each day to dramatically decrease their cognitive decline and the chances of developing dementia. For seniors who aren’t quite up to walking 9,000 steps a day, it can start with just one mile a day, because research shows there are significant cognitive benefits even for seniors that just walk five miles per week.

If that’s enough to convince seniors to grab their sneakers and go for a walk, some of the many other health benefits of regular exercise should be enough to convince them. Seniors with Alzheimer’s can benefit from Alzheimer’s care, which is designed to support their illness and help them slow down the progression of the disease when possible.

With Alzheimer’s care, seniors can get the support they need to start daily habits that keep their cognitive abilities strong. A daily walk combined with a healthy diet, brain training games and activities, and getting enough sleep at night can all work together to keep your senior loved one healthy and mentally strong for as long as possible. With Alzheimer’s care, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s also get:


With Alzheimer’s care, your senior loved one won’t be alone. You won’t have to worry that they will be frightened or lonely when you can’t be there, because they will have the companionship of a care provider.

Dementia Focused Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s need specialized care that takes into account the unique nature of their illness. Alzheimer’s care providers have experience. They also have the training to help seniors with Alzheimer’s in a reassuring and patient manner that will put them at ease and not cause anxiety, stress or fear. Caregivers that provider dementia care will ensure your senior parent is well-cared for. Likewise, that their needs are met, even if they can’t voice when they are hungry, thirsty, or tired.

Safety Focused Care

The priority of Alzheimer’s care is safety. Your senior parent will be safe in their home. So, you won’t have to worry about them wandering, leaving faucets on, or starting a fire, leaving the stove on. Care providers are educated about how Alzheimer’s affects the brain. They know how to prevent problems before they happen. Your senior parent will always be safe, feel protected and cared for.

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