Caregiver: November 3rd is Sandwich Day And Here Are The 4 Best Recipes for Seniors

Caregiver: Having a caregiver at home is a fun way for a senior to age in place while also ensuring the safety of your loved one.

This caregiver will help your loved one stick to a routine, find activities to do, celebrate small days, and help them keep a healthy lifestyle. In every sense, they are a companion, and some caregivers grow to become friends with the seniors they look after.


Caregiver in Grass Valley CA: Sandwiches

Caregiver in Grass Valley CA: Sandwiches


If you are looking for a unique day to create an activity around, pay attention to November 3rd, which is now Sandwich Day. Not all seniors can eat the same thing, but there are interesting ways to make sandwiches. Companion care at home will help evaluate a senior’s diet needs and can come up with versions of sandwiches to celebrate this fun day.

A sandwich is the ultimate lunch food or convenient dinner that many Americans love to eat. This has been a staple in our diets for a long time, and there is a good chance that your senior has a sandwich they already love. Companion care at home can help grocery shop for the senior and include some things for sandwich making on Sandwich Day. There are so many interesting sandwiches to make, check out these unique combos.

-Tomato chèvre Sandwich

If the senior loves soft goat cheese and tomatoes, this is the perfect sandwich to make to celebrate the day. It is filled with ripe small tomatoes, creamy goat cheese, thyme, and garlic crushed onto a baguette. Heat this up in the oven for the perfect crunchy bite. It is one of the fanciest sandwiches to make.

-Smokey Vegan Jackfruit

For any seniors following a plant-based diet, this is the perfect sandwich. Some seniors may not be able to eat lunch meat and fresh or canned jackfruit is the perfect substitution for them. It has a very meaty texture but is a dense vegetable. Add some tahini, lettuce, and purple cabbage for the perfect crunch. It is colorful, refreshing, and a fun sandwich.

-Italian Sausage Sandwich

Instead of normal bread to take this sandwich up a notch for the senior, you can use garlic bread instead! You can either make garlic bread on your own or buy it pre-made. This recipe uses Italian sausage with tomato sauce and a few different types of cheese. If the seniors can’t have soft cheese they can use all hard cheeses in this recipe and still get the perfect melty top after putting it in the oven for a few minutes. Companion care at home can help the seniors cook the sausage pieces.

-Artichoke Grilled Cheese

If your senior loves artichokes and pesto try out this recipe on Sandwich Day. To give it an even more bold flavor add-in Havarti cheese inside. This is a great recipe for seniors who love quick and easy meals. It can be done in under a few moments right on the pan. It is also a good meal for a caregiver who doesn’t typically cook much. It’s easy and simple to follow this recipe.


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