4 Tips for Dealing with Gastritis

Gastritis is a condition caused by inflammation in the stomach lining. Sometimes it comes on slowly and lasts a long time. It can be caused by many different things, including taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs, smoking, alcohol, or an infection in the stomach. It can cause pain in the upper part of the abdomen that sometimes gets worse after eating.


Caregiver in Sacramento CA: Dealing with Gastritis

Caregiver in Sacramento CA: Dealing with Gastritis


The senior may also get indigestion and feel nauseated. It’s certainly an uncomfortable condition to live with. If your aging relative suffers from gastritis, in addition to following the doctor’s advice, there are some things they can do at home to feel better, such as the 4 tips listed below.


#1: Eat Several Small Meals

Instead of eating three large meals, it can help to eat several smaller ones instead. Large meals make the stomach work harder, causing it to produce more stomach acid. Eating smaller meals places less stress on the stomach and can allow it to heal.

A senior care provider can prepare small meals for the older adult or divide larger meals into smaller portions that can be eaten at intervals throughout the day.


#2: Avoid Foods That Increase Acid Production

Some foods cause the stomach to produce more acid than others. Foods that can irritate the stomach include those that are spicy, fried, fatty, or acidic. Avoiding these foods can improve healing.

Senior care providers can help the older adult to plan meals that avoid problem foods. They can also take your aging relative shopping and help them to choose better food options.


#3: Choose Water

Hydration is important for older adults whether they have gastritis or not. Water is the best choice for seniors with gastritis since it doesn’t tax the stomach. It’s very important that they stay away from alcohol as it causes the stomach to produce more acid and increases inflammation

Senior care providers can encourage older adults to drink more water during the day by keeping a fresh, cold glass or bottle near them and refilling it as needed. Having easy access to water can lead to the older adult drinking more than they might otherwise.


#4: Elevate the Head of the Bed

Place blocks under the feet, at the head of the bed or purchase a foam wedge designed to elevate the upper body. This allows gravity to help reduce the pressure on the stomach.

Senior care providers can help your aging relative to get comfortable in bed using a wedge, adjusting pillows and blankets to ensure they sleep well.


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