What Can Make Dressing Easier for Someone with Dementia?

In the past, getting dressed might have been a simple task for your senior. After a diagnosis of dementia, though, many of the activities he normally found to be easy are a lot more difficult.

Caregiver in San Clemente CA: Senior Dressing Tips

Caregiver in San Clemente CA: Senior Dressing Tips


Compromise Can Be Key

You might have some ideas and beliefs about how your senior dresses or gets dressed that you are going to need to compromise on. Keep in mind that your senior is still an adult and still does have his own opinions and preferences. Those preferences may be vastly different from your own and it’s important to keep them in mind.


Give Him Choices, but Limited Ones

All of the possible choices are overwhelming for your senior. He may not be able to process them in order to narrow them down. But if you remove choice from your senior’s day, that’s going to disempower him. The solution is to give him choices but to make those choices limited ones. Instead of asking him to pick a shirt for the day, give him a choice between two shirts and go with his choice.


Keep Everything Involved in Dressing Organized

The more organized you are in terms of clothing storage and dressing in general, the easier this is going to be on both you and your senior. Go through your senior’s closet and dresser when the weather changes at each season and remove clothing that isn’t weather appropriate any longer. This is going to be helpful for you because you’ll be able to offer appropriate clothing choices based on season and weather, instead of having your senior insist on wearing his favorite beach cover-up in the middle of winter.


Dress Him All the Way to His Shoes

It’s important for people with dementia to get dressed all the way to their feet every day. This is because shoes are a vital part of helping your senior to be stable and to have the footing that he needs all day long. If you can start making shoes a habit right after dressing, that’s going to make sure he’s ready for whatever comes his way.


Get Some Extra Help

Try as you might, you and your senior might not be able to see eye to eye when it comes to helping him to get dressed every day. You can keep the battle going, or you can try something new. Hiring elder care providers to take over the task of helping your senior to get dressed can be sanity-saving for you and calming for your senior.

Keep clothing and the act of getting dressed as simple as you can. This is going to make the entire task a lot easier on you and on your elderly family member.



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