Celebrate National Bird Feeding Month with Your Senior

National Bird Feeding Month Elder Care Northfield CA

National Bird Feeding Month Elder Care Northfield CA

We’re betting the birds are pretty happy that February is National Bird Feeding Month. In many parts of the country, the ground is still frozen and covered with snow, thus finding food and bird feeders can be difficult for our little feathered friends. Finding water is also difficult as many ponds and streams are frozen solid.

If your elderly loved one has always been a big fan of bird watching, she might enjoy doing some special activities in February to celebrate National Bird Feeding Month. You can help her celebrate in several ways and include her elder care provider along the way.

Update Those Bird Feeders

If your loved one already has bird feeders, National Bird Feeding Month is a great time to make sure they’re still doing their job of providing food to local birds safely. While going out in the cold to clean it may not be the most fun, finding a “warmish” day to make sure the feeder is still in good shape after the winter and that it’s still protected from predators (or those pesky squirrels that like to steal the birdseed) is a good idea. Your elder care provider can assist your loved one in getting that feeder back in tip-top shape for all of its visitors.

Visit a Bird Store

It might be cold outside, but nothing warms you up like a trip to the local bird lovers store, where your loved one can look at scores of bird baths, bird feeders, bird décor, and more. You can’t help but feel like spring is right around the corner while in a bird store. The employees are often experts about local birds so this is a fine place to ask about what kind of bird seed is best and what kind of birds your loved one might get a chance to see with the right type of seeds.

Get a Bird Book

Whether it’s at that bird store you just visited, at the library, or purchased online, a bird book that highlights all of the local birds will be much enjoyed as your loved one sits by the window and watches her guests fly in for a meal or two. If she’s particularly tech-savvy, your elderly loved one may like a bird app on her phone as well that can help her identify birds not only by their look but also by the sounds they make. She can then show off her knowledge to any visitors like her elder care provider.

Don’t Forget Binoculars

Even if the bird feeder is pretty close to the window, binoculars can help her see the beautiful details of a wing, or spot a shy bird hiding in a tree nearby. Keep it with the book right by the window so it’s there when she needs it.

Keep Track of What is Spotted

Many bird books have checklists in the back so your loved one can keep track of all the different birds she sees.

Bird watching is an all-year activity, start the feeding now and your loved one will have something to look forward to every day.

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