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In-Home Care in Yuba City

In-Home Care in Yuba City

Your mom lives alone, and you help her as much as possible. But, you work full-time, and your free time is limited. Have you looked at the services available through your local in-home care agency?


When your mom needs a ride to a store, her doctor’s office, her dental clinic, the local library, or a friend’s house, who does she call? When you work full-time, it’s often difficult to be available when your mom needs you. Taking time off unpaid strains your budget.

Transportation services are essential. Your mom has a caregiver available to drive her to stores, restaurants, medical offices, etc. You’ll get reports on how things went, but you’re no longer having to take time off for each appointment she has during the week.

Scheduling and Appointment Tracking

Scheduling your mom’s various appointments, prescription refills, and grocery orders takes time. Plus, you have to track when she has appointments coming up, make sure transportation is arranged, and verify that she’s up in time to leave the house. It’s stressful.

A caregiver can schedule her appointments and refills. Her caregiver is there to ensure your mom leaves her home in plenty of time for her appointment. If something needs rescheduling, the caregiver can make the new arrangements.

Preparation of Meals and Snacks

When your mom needs breakfast, lunch, or dinner, her caregiver cooks the meal for her, sits with her as she eats, and cleans up after. Your mom can share what she wants and likes to eat, and you can go over any dietary restrictions.

A weekly menu is created, and any items needed go onto a shopping list that you or your mom’s caregiver can take care of through an online grocery order or a trip to the store. Your mom can join her caregiver on shopping trips and have someone around to carry the bags in and help her put things away.

Laundry and Housekeeping

Once a week, your mom has a caregiver there to change her sheets and towels. Your mom’s bed is made up with fresh sheets, and her caregiver gathers the dirty laundry and moves it to the laundry room. Once everything is washed and dried, her caregiver puts items where they belong.

Your mom’s caregiver also completes housekeeping. Her floors are vacuumed, swept, and even dust mopped if she has vinyl or laminate floors that need it. Furniture is dusted, counters are sanitized, and handles and knobs are cleaned.

Hygiene and Grooming

Your mom needs help during her showers. She might need help with hair care, nails, and shaving. Her caregiver can also help her brush and floss her teeth and apply moisturizer to her feet and legs. If she has other grooming or hygiene tasks that pose problems, her caregiver is there to help.


Most important is that her caregiver is available to keep her company. She has a caregiver to help her run errands. She doesn’t have to worry about being alone.

Your mom’s caregiver can take her out to lunch, join her for walks in parks or around the neighborhood, and stay home and watch movies with her. On the whole, she’ll have plenty of social interaction each week.

Talk to an expert to get started with in-home care. Have questions available, both yours and your mom’s, and get answers before arranging services.

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