Companion Care at Home – Tips for Planning Meals for Nutritional Needs

Companion Care at Home

Your mom’s doctor talked to you about her diet. Your mom has been going for what’s easy to prepare and eat and isn’t focused on nutritional quality. She’s not getting enough fiber, protein, calcium, B vitamins, or antioxidants. What’s the best way to plan meals that meet her nutritional needs?

Ask if Your Mom Can See a Dietitian

Talk to your mom’s doctor about what is the recommended dietary plan for her dietary needs. The Mediterranean Diet is often a first choice and relatively easy to follow. It focuses on vegetables, seafood, legumes, and olive oil and avoids red meat, sweets, and starchy foods.

Ask your mom’s doctor if she could see a dietitian and get help with her meal plans. She’ll learn tips for planning menus that meet her needs, fit her budget, and aren’t too difficult for her to cook.

Whether your mom is looking to improve her overall diet, lose weight, or lower her cholesterol levels, a dietitian can help out. You should sit in on the appointments and learn how you can help her.

Use Meal Planning Apps

There are free apps that help with meal planning and allow you to build a shopping list directly from the recipes. Whisk is one of them. Find recipes by searching ingredients, countries, or dietary concerns. When you find a recipe, add it to your weekly menu and add ingredients directly to a grocery list to take with you when you go shopping.

Several other popular options are free or have paid versions that add features like being able to look at the nutritional facts of some of the ingredients you need. This is helpful if your mom needs to stick to ingredients with no gluten or dairy.

Visit MyPlate

The government has a meal planning website that helps you plan nutritious meals and offers the recipes to go with them. You can sort recipes by cost to make them, areas you need to improve nutritional intake, types of recipes, or courses.

If you’re in MyPlate and want recipes that are high in calcium, there’s a recipe for Three-Bean Chili that is easy to prepare and costs very little to make. If you’re looking for a breakfast idea that boosts fiber intake, Banana Split Oatmeal is an affordable option.

Learn to Adjust Her Favorite Recipes

Learn how to adjust your mom’s favorite recipes to make them healthier options for her. She loves pizza and doesn’t want to give it up. Make the crust from grated cauliflower and spices, and add a homemade pizza sauce that’s salt-free and doesn’t have added sugar. Top that with basil leaves and fresh mozzarella.

When you have limited time, it’s a good idea to discuss the benefits of companion care at home. Your mom can have a caregiver with her to plan and prepare meals that meet her nutritional goals. Arrange companion care at home and get prices by calling a home care agency.

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