Companion Caretakers, Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Taking Care of Yourself this Valentine's Day

Taking Care of Yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and you’ve probably got plans and gifts figured out for those around you. It may be kids, co-workers, a spouse and your elderly loved one as well. As a caregiver, that’s what you do – you give care daily. Caring for an elderly loved one has many rewards but can also be exhausting. This Valentine’s Day, when planning something special for those your love, why not plan something special for yourself as well?

Take the Day Off From “Caring”

If you have an companion care at home team, ask them if they can make special visits on the day you want off. It doesn’t have to be Feb 14, it can be any day that works for you to go do what you want to do. A companion care at home provider can help your loved one with meals, getting ready for the day, or even provide some companionship so they have a visitor on the one day you aren’t there. You might find that if you like the services of a companion care at home team, you’ll hire them permanently to help your loved one in some areas so you can lift that responsibility off your plate.

Complete Some Much-Needed Tasks

Take the day completing a much-needed task that will have a big reward for you. While you may not get excited about painting the bedroom and it may seem like too much work with all the caregiving you provide, if you can take a day to get it done, you’ll have a huge reward to view each night when you go to bed. Completing a task that is solely for your pleasure, can remind you that you are worth focusing on as well.

Treat Yourself

Is there something you just never get around to, but would love to have the time to do it? Maybe it’s a full round of golf at your local golf course, or perhaps it’s a full spa day with hair, nails, and face getting pampered. These are the types of activities that caregivers often put off because of the urgency of caring for someone else. They get tucked away into the “maybe later” basket, never to be seen again. Valentine’s Day seems like the perfect day to pull them out and actually do them.

Visit a Friend

Who have you had to neglect as you have spent time caring for your loved one? Is there a group of friends who used to get together every Sunday after church for lunch? Or maybe there was a monthly poker night that you haven’t attended in ages. Your friends will be understanding why you haven’t attended recently and will probably be thrilled to have you come join them again.

Have a Romantic Night

If you have someone special who hasn’t been getting a lot of special attention from you lately, make a night that is all about them, reminding them how much you care for them and how grateful you are for their continued support.

However you choose to love yourself on Valentine’s Day, you’ll find it provides you with even more love to share with others.


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