Easiest Root Vegetable Recipes for Seniors

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You know your mom or dad needs to eat a well-rounded diet; however, you may struggle to sneak more vegetables into their diet. One of the best ways to get them to eat more vegetables is to find recipes that use the foods they’re supposed to be eating. Once you see these amazing recipes, you’ll realize how easy it is to sneak root vegetables into almost anyone’s diet. These are dishes that you or senior home care can whip up quickly or prepare in the morning, leaving it in a crockpot on low for your elderly mom or dad. Here are some new recipes to try out this winter.

Cinnamon and Butternut Squash Soup

If your senior loved one loves a creamy soup, this is the perfect recipe to try. Butternut Squash is a root vegetable that is super high in potassium, which can help lower blood pressure to a healthy level. On top of being something nutritious for a senior, they are also on the sweeter side of things. They are not bitter like other types of squash, so it goes well with cinnamon and nutmeg and a little dash of cream to blend it all. You can easily make this from scratch or just buy at the store to heat up for your elderly mom or dad later on. Keep in mind if you buy the premade version, you may need to add the spices in!

Roasted Root Vegetables

You may not need a fancy recipe if your loved one already likes hardy vegetables. Senior home care can help them cut up beets, carrots, and squash, drizzle them all in olive oil and your choice of seasoning. Then pop them in the oven until they are done. This creates an amazing side dish that will go great with chicken or quinoa. It also allows you to get tons of vitamins and minerals without focusing too hard on it. Ask your loved one what their favorite root vegetables are and help them chop them into bite-sized pieces before roasting.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey

If your loved one loves spicy things, you can swap plain honey out for hot honey to give this dish a little kick! Sweet potatoes are filled with tons of vitamins but also fiber and potassium. Eating more sweet potatoes may help reduce inflammation and help aid in better digestion. This is an easy dish that your senior mom or dad can easily chew and swallow. Since they are soft, you know your loved one can dig in. They are super easy to prepare. Senior home care can throw them all on a pan, drizzle hot honey, salt, pepper, and maybe a pinch of garlic on them, and throw them into the oven for a few minutes until they become the desired texture your senior likes to eat.

Roasted Maple Balsamic Carrots

Another super easy dish to make is grabbing a bunch of rainbow carrots and tossing them through a coat of balsamic and maple. If your loved one needs to watch their sugar intake, they can use sugar-free maple syrup, and it will be the same flavor! This is a dish that can be cooked once and heated up in an air fryer or microwave later on for your senior mom or dad to enjoy.

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