Eight Reasons For Giving the Family Caregiver a Permanent Break

Alzheimer's Care in Rocklin

Alzheimer’s Care in Rocklin

Around 6.5 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, that number keeps climbing. In your case, your mom has Alzheimer’s. Your sister provides her care, have you ever thought it was time to give your sister a permanent break? Here are eight reasons why it’s important.

She’s Asking for More Help

You’ve noticed your sister is starting to ask others to help out more. She needs a helping hand with things that she used to manage on her own. If she’s spending more time helping your mom and running out of time for errands, housekeeping, and laundry, it’s time to bring in outside help.

Your Sister Stopped Taking Care of Herself

It’s easy to let self-care slide when caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s. Your sister hasn’t found time to see her doctor or go to her dentist. She’s always helping your mom, and her kids, or catching up on her own household chores. If she’s not doing something, she’s sleeping as much as possible.

When self-care is impacted by the amount of care your mom needs, it’s time to talk about professional Alzheimer’s care aides. Your sister can take time for herself, and someone with training and insight into Alzheimer’s care can help your mom every day.

Her Social Circles Are Shrinking

Your sister spends so much time helping your mom, cooking meals for everyone, running errands, and driving her kids to and from school that she has little time for anything else. Social circles have become smaller for your sister, because her friends have not been as forgiving. Socialization is important and needs to be a priority.

She Needs Time With Her Children

She’s part of the sandwich generation and has school-aged kids at home. For that reason, your sister needs to make sure her children get as much time with her as your mom. As Alzheimer’s can last 10 to 20 years, your sister needs to ensure she maintains healthy relationships with her kids, spouse, and friends.

Her Health Has Changed

Your sister learned at her last doctor’s appointment that she has some health issues that need to be addressed. It could be she’s anemic or dealing with high blood pressure. Maybe her doctor informed her that she has diabetes. She needs to focus on her health right now, and let others help your mom.

She’s Struggling Financially

Caring for your mom meant your sister stopped working. The financial pinch has started to make her feel more stress. When your mom’s care needs are causing financial strain, your sister needs to return to work.

Your Mom Is Becoming Combative

In the mid-stages of Alzheimer’s, your mom may become combative. For example, your sister tries to help her get dressed, and your mom starts kicking, biting, and punching. She tries to stop your mom from leaving the house, and your mom shoves your sister into the wall.

It’s one of the saddest parts of Alzheimer’s. You know your mom is in there and cares about your sister, but her actions are abusive and hurtful. If it’s reached this point, it’s certainly time to address having Alzheimer’s care.

Your Mom Needs Advanced Care

In the final months of Alzheimer’s, your mom will be fully dependent on others for toileting, feeding, bathing, dressing, and ambulation. She will not speak much, and when she does, it’s usually nonsensical babble. In any case, she needs someone trained in Alzheimer’s care, and it’s okay for your sister to live her life and let professional caregivers help your mom.

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