Elder Care – 4 Facts Seniors Should About Vision Changes And Aging

Elder Care

Seniors will notice some changes to their vision as they get older. That’s a normal function of aging. There are things that seniors can do to preserve their vision as they get older. But most seniors will experience some vision changes or vision loss. However, normal vision changes are usually things like:

  • Not being able to see up close very well.
  • Having trouble distinguishing similar colors from one another, like telling navy blue from black.
  • Needing a magnifying glass or magnifying readers to see fine print.

More serious vision changes or sudden vision changes could indicate a more serious problem. Anytime seniors experience pain or a sudden change in vision they should see an eye doctor. And seniors should be getting regular eye exams at least once a year to make sure their eyes are healthy. Some facts that seniors should know about vision changes and aging include:

Most Seniors Experience Dry Eyes

It’s very common for seniors to experience dry eyes. Dry eyes can be caused by side effects from medication. They can also be caused by allergies. And dry indoor air can also cause dry eyes. There are many ways seniors can treat dry eyes including over the counter saline eye drops. But seniors should always talk to their eye doctor before putting any drops in their eyes or using home remedies for dry eye.

Seniors With Serious Health Conditions Need More Frequent Eye Exams

Many seniors can get by with just one in-depth eye exam per year. But seniors who have diabetes or other serious illnesses that can affect vision should get eye exams more frequently. Seniors with elder care can ask their elder care provider to make an eye appointment for them. And seniors with elder care won’t need to worry about getting to their appointment either. Care providers can take seniors to their medical appointments.

Most Eye Problems and Diseases Don’t Have Symptoms In The Early Stages

Glaucoma, cataracts, and other vision problems and diseases may not have any symptoms in the early stages. That’s one of the reasons why getting regular eye exams is so important. A full eye exam by a qualified eye doctor can sometimes catch potential problems early. When eye problems are caught early enough they may be treatable. If it’s been awhile since your senior parent had an eye exam you should schedule one for them soon.

Wearing Sunglasses Protects Eyes From More Than Sun

Seniors should wear sunglasses even when it’s not sunny. Sunglasses are great protection for the eyes. Seniors can lower their risk of having dust, dirt, or pollen blow into their eyes if they’re wearing sunglasses. Wind, rain, and snow can also blow into the eyes if they’re not protected and the weather is bad. It’s a good idea for seniors to keep a pair of sunglasses in the car, in their purse or jacket pocket, and by the door. That way no matter where they go seniors will have sunglasses to protect their eyes.

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