Three Things to Know About Phone Scams

Most scams used to come to landline phones. That’s changed over the years. It’s estimated that almost half of all scam calls will be made to phone calls during 2019. People are getting smarter at avoiding scams, which is making scammers change their tactics. Your mom and dad need to be aware of these three facts about phone scams.


Elder Care in Auburn CA: Senior Phone Scams

Elder Care in Auburn CA: Senior Phone Scams


An Estimated 90 Percent of Scam Calls Come From a Local Number

As many as 9 out of 10 scam calls appear to be from a local number. It’s not a local resident or business calling all the time. Many times, the spoofer is using software that allows them to choose any number. When they call, the person’s caller ID shows the number they’ve chosen.

Your mom and dad may get a call from her local police department that isn’t the police department at all. Spoofers also may use phone numbers that your neighbors, a local business, or an area store owns. They want to get them to answer the phone, and a spoofed number is a great way to get them to pick up.


Affordable Apps Allow Scammers to Change Their Voice

One of the reasons the grandparent scam is so successful is that scammers change their voice. There are apps scammers install that allow them to change their voice during a call. A man could change his voice to sound like a woman with ease. People can also use apps to change their voice to that of a child or a celebrity.


Call Blockers Only Do So Much

There are helpful call blocking services out there. Many phone companies add them as a standard feature for customers. The problem is that call blockers can only do so much.


Spoofed calls easily slip past call blockers. If a call is from a local number, it will go through to your parents’ phone. It’s safest not to answer the phone and let the voicemail field the call. If the caller turns out to be legitimate, your mom or dad could call back.


Phone habits can be hard to break. Your mom and dad probably grew up in an era where they were taught to be polite and answer the phone within a set number of rings. If they do answer the phone, make sure they know how to identify a scam, not say a word, and hang up on the caller.


Caregivers also help with phone call management. With caregivers there to help field calls, your parents have someone to help guide them into the correct techniques for dealing with a scammer. Plus, they’ll have help with housework, meals, transportation, and socialization. Call to learn more.


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