How Can Your Senior See that Exercise Is Paying Off?

It’s tough to see all of the little improvements that happen with exercise. For your senior, some of those little details can get lost in the shuffle. It’s important that once your senior’s doctor clears her to start exercising, she starts watching for some of these signs. She won’t experience them all at once, but she’ll start to notice them more often if she’s looking.


Elder Care in Chico CA: Can Your Senior See Exercise Paying Off

Elder Care in Chico CA: Can Your Senior See Exercise Paying Off


She’s Seeing Concrete Results with Health Issues

Health issues are one of the biggest reasons for most people, seniors included, to even consider exercise. This might be one of the first ways that your senior starts to realize that her efforts are paying off, too. She may start to realize that she’s feeling better or that metrics attached to health issues are improving. Talk to her doctor about how to measure your senior’s health goals accurately.


She’s in Less Pain, Generally Speaking

When your elderly family member is moving her body regularly in ways that aren’t too difficult, she’s likely to experience a reduction in pain levels. With conditions like arthritis, for example, she may start to notice that her joints feel as if they’re moving easier and she may have more muscle support around those joints than she’s had in the past.


She Feels More Energetic

Exercising on a regular basis can help to dramatically improve your senior’s energy levels. She may also start to experience better moods in general, which can also help her to feel as if her energy levels have improved. All of this can help her to feel ready to tackle anything. She’s also probably sleeping a little bit better, which also helps her energy levels to improve dramatically.


Her Day Is More Enjoyable Overall

Along with improvements in so many areas and in your senior’s moods, she’s also likely to just have better days, overall. That’s something that might not feel simple for either of you to quantify. Experiencing a general improvement overall in how she’s feeling colors everything that your senior does. This can be one of the metrics that is more subtle for her. Journaling helps a lot with these types of signs because that helps improvements to stand out a little more.

Having someone around, even as a “just in case” measure can be a great idea when your senior is planning to exercise. Elderly care providers can be there helping with other tasks, but also on the lookout for anything to do with mobility or other concerns.


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