Exercising Outdoors: Is it Good for Your Elderly Loved One?

Many people will avoid exercising because they think they have nowhere to exercise. This might be the case for your elderly loved one. Maybe they live in a small apartment and home and there isn’t much space for them to exercise. However, it is good for elderly adults to exercise outdoors. It is easy to do and actually quite enjoyable, as well.


Elder Care in Grass Valley CA: Outside Exercise

Elder Care in Grass Valley CA: Outside Exercise

Walking Outdoors

One of the ways that your elderly loved one can exercise outdoors is by walking. This is a low-impact exercise and it offers many benefits to your elderly loved one’s health. Research shows that walking outdoors is good for the heart, reducing the risk of diabetes, helping with weight management, improving coordination, and much more. If your elderly loved one doesn’t want to walk alone, maybe their home care provider would be willing to walk with them.

Exercising with Equipment Outdoors

Even if your elderly loved one doesn’t have enough space to exercise indoors, they can bring exercise equipment outdoors. For instance, they could bring a yoga ball or fitness bands outdoors, so they can exercise. Being outdoors will allow your elderly loved one to get some fresh air while exercising. This can allow them to exercise for longer periods of time since they can breathe easier.

Outdoor Yoga

Does your elderly loved one need some easy exercise to do? They can practice yoga outdoors. They can do this on the grass or on a yoga mat. Outdoor yoga routines can help your elderly loved one to relieve stress, calm their mind and body, release tension in their body, and improve their overall mood, as well. If your elderly loved one doesn’t know how to do yoga moves, you can send them some online videos they can watch. Many of these are guided, so they show your elderly loved one exactly what moves to do and for how long.

Take a Jog

If your elderly loved one is feeling up to it and their body can handle it, they can take a jog. They can do this around their yard or up and down the road where they live. Jogging can help to boost heart health, mood, balance, and much more. Remind your elderly loved one that if they feel too sore while jogging to bring it back down to a walk.

These are some of the exercises that your elderly loved one can do outdoors. Exercising outdoors is good for your elderly loved one in many ways. It helps boost heart health, coordination, balance, mood, and more.


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