Tips for Hearing Loss Prevention in the Elderly

Hearing Loss: One of the things that many people fear when they get older is losing their hearing.

If this is something that your elderly loved one is worried about, there are some hearing loss prevention tips they should know about.


Elder Care in Lincoln CA: Hearing Loss Prevention

Elder Care in Lincoln CA: Hearing Loss Prevention



Wearing Ear Protection

It is very important for people to wear ear protection if they want to prevent hearing loss. There are many people who don’t wear ear protection who have irreversible hearing loss. If your elderly loved one is going to around loud sounds, you or their elder care providers should make sure they wear earplugs. Your elderly loved one might need reminders to wear earplugs. While earplugs may not completely protect their hearing, they do help a lot.


Pay Attention to Medications

Another thing that your elderly loved one should do is to pay attention to their medications. There are some medications that can cause hearing issues. If your elderly loved one starts experiencing hearing loss after they begin taking a medication, be sure they call their doctor right away. There might be another medication they can take or treatment they can do instead.


Frequent Hearing Checks

Your elderly loved one should get frequent hearing checks, too. It is important for the elderly to get their hearing checked once a year – more if they are experiencing issues with their hearing. Sometimes, if a doctor catches a hearing issue before it does permanent damage, it can be treated and stopped. However, without these checks, any hearing issues may cause irreversible damage. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have transportation, you or one of their elder care providers can take them to get their hearing checked.


Hearing Loss: Following Treatment Plans

If your elderly loved one does have hearing issues, it is very important that they follow all treatment plans. Their doctor might prescribe medications, lifestyle changes, or even surgery. If your elderly loved one doesn’t follow the treatments their doctor prescribes or recommends, this could be very damaging to their hearing. If you or an elder care provider notice that your loved one is experiencing more hearing issues, be sure you schedule them a doctor’s appointment right away. The longer you wait, the more damage that could be done. In addition, if your elderly loved one experiences sudden hearing loss, make sure they get immediate medical care.


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