Four Ways for Family Caregivers to Reduce Stress and Increase Joy

A good goal for 2020 is to try to reduce your stress and add joy to your life. This doesn’t have to be as hard as you’d think when you’re a family caregiver. You just have to step up and make things happen for you. Here’s how to approach stress reduction and finding joyful moments.


Elder Care in Lincoln CA: Reduce Stress and Increase Joy


Take a Daily Walk

Go for a walk each day. It counts as part of the 30 minutes of daily exercise you need, and the fresh air also helps give you clarity. Focus on your breathing while you walk. You want to take deep cleansing breaths that increase stress-reducing chemicals within your body.

If you’d be happier with music, put in one earbud and walk to the beat of the music. If you don’t like the one-eared listening, you can do two earbuds. You do need to keep the volume low so that you don’t block out noises like approaching dogs or car horns.


Create To-Do Lists and Offer Yourself Rewards When You Meet Goals

You do still have chores to do. You can’t ignore your parents’ needs. You can reward yourself when you get everything done.

Create daily to-do lists. Check off the things as you complete them. When they’re done, reward yourself with something you enjoy. You might want to go sit outside and read for an hour. Make that your reward. You may prefer to sit down with your dad and watch a movie, that’s another great reward to consider.


Take Your Mom for a Spa Treatment

Once a month, talk your mom into joining you for a day out. Get your hair done, enjoy a massage or skin treatment, and go to lunch when you’re done. You’ll be more relaxed. You’ll also feel better about yourself when your skin and hair look flawless.

If she won’t go with you, grab a friend, sibling, or child. Even if you have to go alone, it’s going to improve your mood and make you happy. Caregivers can stay with your mom and dad while you get away.


Realize When You Need Help

Knowing your limitations is important to beating stress. If you have so much to do and can’t get it done. You need help. Elder care services are designed to aid your parents, but it’s okay if the caregivers help you in the process.

Consider elder care services for the tasks you have the hardest time completing. It may be unloading the dishwasher or vacuuming the carpets. It’s okay to hire caregivers to help your parents with those tasks. Use that time to care for yourself.


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Shaun Clinkinbeard