Four Actions that Can Clue You in That Your Senior Needs Help

As your senior’s caregiver, you need to be watching for those signs that let you know something is not quite right. Your elderly family member may not tell you outright that she needs more help, but some subtle signs can indicate that she’s in need.


Elder Care in Roseville  CA: Your Senior Needs Help



You’re Concerned About Her Eating Habits

You might not notice it right away, but your senior’s eating habits can become a little more obvious when she either gains or loses weight without actively trying. If she’s not cooking anymore, she may be eating foods that aren’t healthy choices for her, which can leave her undernourished but possibly taking in too many calories. Having some help with cooking and meal preparation can be an excellent solution.


She Doesn’t Seem to Be Socializing at All

Pay attention to what your senior seems to do with her spare time. If she used to do a lot of socializing or meeting up with friends and neighbors, but doesn’t do that now, there might be reasons. Some of those reasons have to do with friends and neighbors moving away, but there are other reasons, too. If your loved one doesn’t feel comfortable driving anymore, that can present problems with her social life.


She’s Having a Tough Time with Household Chores

Household tasks are another good indicator that something has changed for your senior. You may notice that her home isn’t as clean as it used to be, or that certain tasks that she’s always been adamant about are no longer getting done. Talk to your elderly family member about whether those tasks are too difficult now or if there are other reasons for the change.


Her Mail is Piling Up

On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal at all, but it’s much more important than a lot of people think. Junk mail is one thing, but if you’re noticing that important mail, like bills or other communications, are lost in the piles, that might mean that your senior isn’t keeping up with them in other ways, too. It’s worth investigating to find out if your elderly family member is tracking her bills in a different way or if there’s something you need to take over for her.


Whether your elderly family member is needing a lot more help or only a little, you may need some help giving her assistance. Elder care providers can be there to lighten the load for both of you, whether your senior needs help with transportation, meals, or even more.


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