How Caregivers Can Help Seniors Cut Grocery Bills

Many older adults live on a budget that is significantly smaller than it was in their working days. In fact, some struggle to make ends meet. If your older family member is looking for ways to conserve money and lower their costs, one place they may be able to do so is in their grocery bill. Because family caregivers often assist their aging relatives with grocery shopping, they are in a prime position to help seniors to save on groceries. Below are some tips for ways caregivers can help seniors to cut grocery bills.


Elder Care in Sacramento CA: Help Seniors Cut Grocery Bills

Elder Care in Sacramento CA: Help Seniors Cut Grocery Bills



Simplify Meals

Financial guru Dave Ramsey suggests making simpler meals as a means of reducing grocery costs. Because of the time in which your older family member grew up in, they may think of dinner as having several courses. That can lead to food waste, especially for seniors who typically aren’t able to eat as much. Consider planning simpler meals, such as a dinner salad or a sandwich and soup.



Eat Less Meat

Meat is often the most expensive part of a meal. Eating less meat can reduce grocery bills. Plan one or two dinners each week that are meat-free. The older adult can get protein from other sources, such as eggs, tofu, beans, or legumes.



Shop Less

Most people pick up some items in addition to what they planned to buy at the grocery store almost every time they go. By going to the grocery store less, your older family member can save money. One way to reduce trips to the store is to plan a menu for the week and create a grocery list based on it.



Use the Grocery Store Flyer to Plan

Caregivers can pick up the weekly grocery flyer and sit with the older adult to plan meals based on what is on sale.



Cook Meals in Advance

Caregivers who cook for their aging relatives can help them to save money by cooking meals in advance and freezing them. This way, they can buy ingredients while they are on sale and make multiple servings of the same meal that can be warmed up later. In addition to saving the older adult money, this tip can also save caregivers some time!



Keep a Tally

By keeping a tally during shopping, a caregiver can help the older adult to make certain they stick to their budget. In fact, Dave Ramsey suggests making it into a bit of a game by rounding up the cost of items. This way, you still have some idea of what the senior is spending but can be pleasantly surprised by the lower amount at the cash register.


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