Elder Care: Should Elder Care Help Seniors Grocery Shop?

Elder Care can help a senior who wishes to age in place.

They provide the ultimate companionship and can help with small household errands. However, can they do things like grocery shop? What can caregivers do, and what can they not do? You may be confused about elder care duties, but rest assured that if your seniors need help grocery shopping, someone will help them. You may not be able to go out all the time to help your beloved senior, but that is where elder care comes in handy. They are there almost every day and can help your parents age in place instead of going to a senior community.

If you are still confused about the roles of a caregiver, maybe this article will help you. Home aid can come in many different forms that provide different functions. The everyday elder care will not be able to provide medication or manage them, but a nurse that travels will be able to do that for seniors. Sometimes doctors will also make home visits for certain seniors. When a senior chooses to age in place, they will need a team of people who can help support them.


Elder Care in Sacramento CA: Elder Care Help

Elder Care in Sacramento CA: Elder Care Help


When you look for a caregiver for your parents, you should ask the seniors what they need help with. Make a list of duties you are looking for, and this will help you find the right fit. If you need someone who manages medications, a caregiver will be the wrong answer. However, suppose you need someone to provide companionship and be there in case of emergencies. In that case, elder care may be your best option for your parents.

Duties of a Caregiver

A caregiver may help pay attention to certain symptoms and keep track of when a senior needs to go to the doctors, however, they can not administer medications. They may remind a senior to take their medicine with breakfast or lunch but they can in no way handle medications. Here are some job functions they can do.

-Grocery Shopping or Ordering

A senior may need help grocery shopping and running small errands. This may be that the elder care provider needs to drive them to the store or it may be that the senior needs a caregiver to order them groceries. Caregivers can help with these small essentials that keep a household running.

-Meal Prepping

To keep a senior on a healthy routine a caregiver can help meal prep for the week. They can make easy meals to warm up each night or breakfast for each day of the week. This can help a seniors diet be well-rounded and keep their moods lifted.

-Light Cleaning

Caregivers can help a senior run the household and help do chores. This may include laundry, folding clothes, vacuuming, and washing the dishes. Anything the senior needs help doing that is light can be done by elder care. Bigger projects and tasks may have to be done by professionals.


Elder care can be one of the best ways to ensure a senior stays social. They can be friends, companions, and buddies while also ensuring a senior’s safety.


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