Four Must Dos that Can Help Your Senior Keep Exercising

If your elderly family member wants to exercise but is having trouble sticking with it, these ideas might help her to keep her goals in mind.


Elder Care in Yuba City CA: Continuing Exercise Habits

Elder Care in Yuba City CA: Continuing Exercise Habits


She Needs to Start Slowly and Work Up

The big problem with being excited about starting a new exercise program is that it often means that the person goes in full steam ahead. But your senior may not be ready for that level of enthusiasm physically and it will take a toll on her mentally and emotionally if she can’t keep up. That’s why starting slowly is so very important. If she can walk now for five minutes at a time, then do that. Eventually, she may be able to walk for ten minutes. But if she starts out trying to hike the nature trail by her home without building up stamina first, she’s going to be disappointed.


Warming up and Cooling Down Isn’t Optional

Lots of people skip warm-ups and cool-downs because they feel unnecessary. But the purpose of these activities is to help your senior’s muscles to acclimate to moving, to warm them up, and to stretch muscles and joints. All of this can help to prevent injury, which makes it crucial for your elderly family member. She doesn’t have to be elaborate with these activities, just mindful of them.


Consistency Helps to Build Habits

When her goals are reasonable and when you’re senior is paying attention to avoiding injury it’s a lot easier for her to be consistent about exercising. That’s really one of the most important ways for her to build the habit of moving more. Literally just continuing to commit to moving more and then following through keeps her on that track and enables her to keep making progress. That’s huge.


Keep Tabs on How Much She’s Exerting Herself

Your senior’s doctor may have given her some specific guidelines to follow in terms of being more active. Those are important to follow. Ask her doctor as well how you and she can keep tabs on how much your senior is exerting herself. Wearing a fitness tracker can help your senior to see her heart rate at a glance. She can also keep up with her progress over time. Her doctor may have other ideas, too.

If your elderly family member has mobility issues, having senior care providers available when she’s ready to exercise can also help. Knowing she’s got support when she needs it can help her to focus on what she’s doing.


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