Elderly Care: Can a Senior Suffer From Holiday Depression?

Elderly Care: Some people claim the holidays are the best time of year.

This is when they get to dress up in ugly but cute holiday sweaters and drink eggnog. However, that is not always the case for a senior. Even with elderly care helping a senior and providing companionship, it can be a really lonely time for seniors. They may have lost their loved ones, have less family, or don’t have kids that visit enough. This can leave the holidays feeling bleak and a little less jolly.


Elderly Care: Holiday Depression

Elderly Care: Holiday Depression

Holiday blues can happen to anyone, but that doesn’t always mean they’re clinically depressed.

So, how does elder care know when it becomes holiday depression versus just a sudden change that will go away? One of the biggest indicators is that it will be very persistent and won’t go away. The seniors may feel hopeless or anxious beyond control, and they may have ongoing fatigue. Depression can take many forms, and it will be important for elder care to notice the changes and for how long they continue.

There are some ways elder care can encourage a senior to remain mentally healthy. However, if it becomes too bad, these tips may not work. It will be time to get a doctor involved to help them through this difficult time of the year. Read these tips on how to handle holiday depression.

Have The Senior Acknowledge Feelings

Sometimes understanding why you are feeling this way can do a lot of good. This includes seniors. Elder care can ask them what’s going on and be a listening ear. You can do this for your parents or loved one or they can do it alone. Seniors are allowed to be sad and they should acknowledge their feelings.

Ask For Help

This doesn’t mean a senior needs to go seek therapy right away, but calling a friend or someone close to vent may help. This is another way to acknowledge feelings and it may bring two people closer together. Reaching out and asking for help is a good way to get support, some people may not even know the senior is struggling.

Create New Traditions

Not all seniors will be able to leave the home for the holidays and you may live too far away to coordinate something. However, with technology, you can create new traditions. Zoom or Skype the senior in to open presents, or say grace at dinner. Create something new that gives a senior something to look forward to.

Encourage Healthy Habits

During winter and during bouts of depression it can be hard to want to be healthy. This is the time of year when candy is readily available and there are tons of pre-packaged foods. It’s easy to turn to these things when a senior is feeling depressed. Elderly care providers can help encourage them to make healthier decisions.

Seek Professional Advice

Going to the doctor or a therapist when things turn bleak will be important. Friends are great to vent to but a therapist may have valuable insight and techniques to help the senior deal with the anxiety or depression they’re feeling.


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