What Can You Do About Your Senior’s Sleep Troubles?

Sleep, and more importantly lack of sleep, affects your senior’s health, her moods, and every other part of her life. If she’s not getting the sleep she needs, you might need to do a little bit of investigating with her.


Elderly Care in Folsom CA: Senior’s Sleep Troubles


Track Food and Drink Intake

Your senior’s food and beverage choices, and when she’s having each of those items, can matter a lot more than either of you think when it comes to sleeping. Sugar, caffeine, and other ingredients can be triggers that make sleeping when she wants to difficult for your elderly family member. Starting out with a food diary can help your senior to spot issues that she might not have noticed in any other way. If you find potential problems, you can make some changes.


Bright Screens at Night Can Hurt Sleep

Blue light from television screens, tablets, and smartphones trick the brain into staying awake longer instead of releasing hormones that help your senior to fall asleep when she normally would. Sometimes it can be difficult to turn those screens off early, though. Blue light filters or even blue light filtering glasses can help. They give your senior a chance to unwind how she wants to before bed without upsetting her body’s sleep chemistry.


Check out Her Bedtime Routines

Does your senior have a bedtime routine? Most people do, but they don’t think about it necessarily in those terms. The routine consists of all the things that your elderly family member does before getting into bed and trying to go to sleep. If her routine doesn’t help her to wind down gradually and be ready to sleep, she may find it difficult to get those winks. Adjusting her routine a little bit at a time can help her to find the culprit.


Also, Check out Daily Routines

Your senior’s activities during the day affect her ability to sleep, too. If she’s not physically active enough during the day or not challenging her brain enough, she might run into problems sleeping. Also, if she’s sleeping in later and later because it’s more difficult for her to get to sleep, she may find that she’s having a more difficult time with sleep all the way around. That happens because she’s throwing her body’s daily rhythms more and more out of whack.

There may be other factors that are affecting your senior’s ability to sleep that you’re not able to figure out. To rule out medical concerns, talk to her doctor. If you’re concerned about what you don’t know about her day, it might help to have senior care providers dropping by when you can’t. They can help your senior with necessary tasks and help you determine what you’re missing.


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