Compromise and Communication with Your Aging Adult

Long-distance caregiving is entirely possible, but if you aren’t making some compromises and finding communication paths with your senior, you’re likely to feel frustrated.


Elderly Care in Grass Valley CA: Communication With You Senior

Elderly Care in Grass Valley CA: Communication With You Senior


Try some of these suggestions.

Don’t Freak out When She Doesn’t Answer

When you and your senior don’t live in the same general area, it’s normal to have a moment of panic if you call and she doesn’t answer. But that doesn’t do anything for either of you at that moment. Take a step back and remember that she’s an adult and that she may simply be busy. Don’t send out the search parties just yet. Remain calm and give her a chance to get back to you.


Work out a Communication Plan

One step that can help you to feel better and that also keeps your senior from feeling as if you’re going to randomly check on her is to set up a communication plan. This is a really simple system in which you collectively agree on specific times you’ll check in with each other. It helps if your check-in times are regular, such as weekly or daily. Make sure that everyone knows which days and times are agreed upon and then stick to the plan.


Compromise with Elderly Care Providers

You may not be able to race off to where your senior lives at a moments’ notice and she may be perfectly fine where she is. So what kind of compromise can you make? One that works really well is to hire elderly care providers to check in on your senior in person for you. They can take care of specific tasks for your senior and they can report back to you about anything you need to know. It’s a win-win scenario.


Technological Tools Can Bridge that Gap

Technological tools can really help you to fill in any missing pieces. For instance, video conferencing allows you to see your senior and determine for yourself if she appears healthy and in good spirits. A personal alarm system is a wearable device which your senior can use to call for help if she experiences a fall or other emergency at home. All of these tools and more can help your senior to feel safer and help you to feel more confident that she’s okay.


You want to be the best caregiver possible for your senior and your senior wants to remain independent for as long as possible. All of this involves making compromises with each other and keeping the lines of communication open. Senior care providers can help to keep the lines of communicati0on open by setting reminders or helping with newer technology.


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