Handling the Pandemic Today – Help for the Elderly

As elderly adults in the United States get more used to the Covid pandemic, they can start living their life in the new normal. They can start getting back into habits and developing better lifestyle routines, as well. Creating to-do lists would be a good idea. You and your elderly care providers can even help your senior with these lists.


Elderly Care in Auburn CA: Pandemic Tips

Elderly Care in Auburn CA: Pandemic Tips


Making Necessary Appointments 

One of the best things for your elderly loved one to add to their to-do list is appointments or at the very least phone calls, they need to be making to doctor’s offices. There are many senior citizens who were scared to go to a doctor’s office or hospital throughout the pandemic. Now that things are more under control, it would be great if your elderly loved one could catch up on these appointments they missed or skipped out on.



When was the last time your elderly loved one had an assessment or a physical exam? When was the last time they checked to see if their body fitness level was where it should be? What about their nutrition? Do they eat healthily or get food from all food groups each day? These are all things that you or an elder care provider can talk to your elderly loved one about. It may even be a good idea to make notes of the things that are going well for your elderly loved one in these areas and write down the things they need to work on, too.

Getting Fall Protection

Another thing to add to your elderly loved one’s to-do list is a fall protection plan. If they don’t even have one of these in place yet, it is a great idea to make one. The fall protection plan might include:

  • Decluttering the house
  • Keeping the floors dry
  • Cleaning up the entryway of the house
  • Picking up laundry
  • Medication side effect review

If you or an elder care provider can work with your elderly loved one to ensure all these things are done, it can greatly reduce their risk of falling.


Handling Mental Health

Last, but not least, your elderly loved one may need to work on their mental health. The pandemic has hit a lot of people on this level. Senior citizens are feeling lonely, stressed out, anxious, and just on edge. There are many lifestyle changes that can be made including more self-care time. However, if your elderly loved one’s mental health is very off-balance, it may be good for them to see a doctor or therapist about it.



The pandemic has been around for a couple of years now, so people are creating their new normal and catching up on things they fell behind on. If your elderly loved one has things they need to do, you and elder care providers can help them to create a to-do list.


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