A Teen Builds an App Designed to Help Alzheimer’s Caregivers Get Organized

Caring for a parent with dementia takes a lot of organization. Even the most organized person can find it hard to keep track of everything. A New England teenager created an app that can help your entire family and professional elderly care team.


Elderly Care in Marysville CA: Help Alzheimer's Caregivers

Elderly Care in Marysville CA: Help Alzheimer’s Caregivers


This Massachusetts teen watched his family struggling to keep everyone updated with the care his grandmother needed. He realized that no matter what system they used, it was a struggle to update everyone at the same time.

As the number of people helping out increased, it got even harder to keep everyone on the same page. Charts for medications, chores, meals, etc. were posted all over the house. If a paper went missing, it could throw people’s days off. He came up with a plan.


Introducing CareZare

To resolve this, the teen worked on an app that helped every family member and professional caregiver informed of every detail. With CareZare, caregivers and family carers can enter tasks that need doing and check off what’s been done. Everyone sees the upcoming calendar to know what appointments are coming up.

They can post messages alerting caregivers problems within the home like an electricity outage. If there’s a problem with a leaking pipe, it’s added and notes regarding who has been called are made. Notes regarding mood, eating habits, and the last bathroom break are also easy to track.

Each time another person in the family comes in to provide care or a paid carer steps in, the notes are all on the app for easy retrieval. Nothing is overlooked or unknown. It’s all there in one location in an organized manner.


How Organized Is Your Family?

Gather the people caring for your mom or dad. How many struggle to find what they need to know and end up calling the last carer to fill in blanks? This is exactly what CareZare was designed to help with. It’s meant to cover everyone caring for a parent with dementia.

You can set it up, invite family members and friends who spend time caring for your mom or dad. Plus, you need to take breaks. When you hire elderly care professionals to care for your mom and dad, you’ll invite them to stay updated and keep your family updated by using the checklist, journal/notes, and calendar.

Don’t let caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s become overwhelming. Balance the time you spend helping out with the professional services elderly care offers. You’ll be part of the care team without becoming overwhelmed.


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Shaun Clinkinbeard