What Does it Mean if Your Senior’s Moods Are Awful Lately?

Everyone has a bad day now and again. If you’re noticing that your senior seems to be having more and more bad days lately, that could mean that there’s something else going on. Figuring out what’s behind the moodiness might mean looking at a variety of different factors.


Elderly Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Moodiness

Elderly Care in Rocklin CA: Senior Moodiness


She Could Be Under More Stress Than You Realize

Your senior has stressors that you and even she may not understand fully. That stress can affect her more deeply than she realizes, even influencing her moods. Sources of stress can be as simple as not sleeping well or as complicated as worries about a variety of different topics. Try talking to your senior about what she might be concerned about. There may be solutions that she has not thought of that you could help her to find.


She May Be Experiencing Health Issues

Health issues are just one of the many stressors your senior could be fielding right now, but they can affect her moods beyond stress, too. If her health is worsening, she may not feel up to doing some of the things that she really enjoys. That means that her health impacts her quality of life in some very real ways as well as on an emotional level. Keeping tabs on what’s going on with your senior’s health can help you to spot some of these concerns as they become issues.


Her Medications May Be a Factor

The medications that your elderly family member takes for her health issues can create side effects that she doesn’t like very much. That can mean that she ends up experiencing mood shifts that she can’t really anticipate or control, too. Talking to your senior’s doctor about making changes to your senior’s medications and dosages might be a good idea if you determine that this is a factor.


Or She Just Feels Off Emotionally

Sometimes a mood doesn’t always have an explanation, though. Very often people just wake up feeling off in an emotional way and don’t really have a cause that they can point to. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, poking and prodding at the mood is not likely to help it a whole lot. She’s much more likely to respond negatively to that sort of response from you.


If your elderly family member is experiencing a lot of moodiness, she may want to talk to her doctor about what’s going on. Something else that can help is for you and your aging family member to have some time away from each other now and again. Senior care providers can step in and make sure that all is well while you take some respite time.


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