How to Cope When Your Senior Is Hard of Hearing

If your elderly family member is having hearing trouble, that can make your job as her caregiver much more difficult. Sometimes hearing problems can make emotions run high, for both you and for your senior.


Elderly Care in Yuba City CA: Senior Hearing Loss

Elderly Care in Yuba City CA: Senior Hearing Loss


Avoid Shouting, but You Might Need to Up Your Volume

A common misconception is that the louder you talk, the more likely your senior is to finally hear you. The problem with that is that louder noises, especially voices, just become distorted. Your senior may hear that you’re shouting at her, but not what you’re trying to communicate. And since that’s not the goal, it’s much better to talk a little louder but to avoid shouting.

Make Eye Contact with Your Senior

Before you try to communicate something to your senior, make sure that you’ve got her attention. The easiest way to do that is to look her in the eyes and to make sure she’s returning the eye contact. From there, your body language, the way your lips are moving, and other context clues can all help you to communicate with each other.


Check-in with Her Frequently

Emotions run high when communication is difficult. If your elderly family member is not doing well or she’s tired, she’s going to respond differently than she might on a good day. Try to remember to check in with her about how she’s feeling and what’s going on with her so that you have some context for how she’s interacting with you.


Write Down Really Important Information

If the information you’re trying to share with your elderly family member is extremely important, you need to find ways to ensure that there are as few misunderstandings as possible. One of the best ways to do this could be by writing down crucial information. If there’s anything that your senior heard incorrectly, she can see for herself what the accurate version is.


Consider Learning Sign Language

Another answer might be learning a little bit of sign language and teaching those signs to your elderly family member. This can be helpful when you’re in areas where you can’t control the volume and your senior needs to communicate with you. Look for classes at community colleges and libraries in your area. Online classes can help, too.


Another option is to hire elderly care providers. They can reduce a bit of the friction you and your senior might experience with each other because they have been in this situation before. They know what it’s like to work closely with someone who is having trouble hearing.


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