Explore the Benefits of Home Care Assistance in the New Year

Home Care Assistance in Lincoln

Home Care Assistance in Lincoln

Seventy-one percent of older adults told AARP they want to stay in their homes. Your mom is one of them. Even more after the pandemic eased, one thing she made clear is that she’s comfortable and feels safe in her home and community.

At the same time, you’ve noticed she’s slowing down. She has a harder time taking care of her home and herself. Have you considered the benefits of home care assistance when her goal is to age at home?

Her Home Is Clean and Organized

Her caregivers keep your mom’s home clean. They can dust, sweep and vacuum floors, wipe down counters, and wash dishes. If your mom needs her trash and recycling taken outside, her caregivers can also do that.

After a shopping trip, your mom’s caregiver can put items in the appropriate location. If there are any meats that need to be marinated before going into the freezer, her caregiver will take care of them. All her foods are organized and put away before they spoil.

As often as required, your mom’s caregivers can change her sheets and towels, make up the bed with fresh sheets, and put dirty linens and clothing into the washing machine. Once the items are clean, they’re moved to the dryer.

If anything needs ironing, her caregivers can do it. They’ll also fold or hang and put items where they go.

She Never Has to Struggle With Meal Preparation

Your mom’s caregivers are there to help her with meals. She has a caregiver available to cook meals and prepare snacks. If your mom needs to go grocery shopping, her caregiver helps her get to the store, purchase the right items, and carry them into her home.

Each week, your mom can sit down with her caregiver, discuss what she likes or wants to eat, and work on a menu. Should she have specific dietary concerns, you’ll discuss them with your mom’s doctor and share any notes with the home care advisor when you schedule services.

Caregivers Check On Her

Each week, or even more often, your mom’s caregiver stops by and sees how she is. She has a caregiver for conversations and socialization, but her caregiver can also ensure her heat is working, she has enough to eat and drink, and that she’s doing okay.

If her power is off because she forgot to pay a bill or a tree limb took out a power line near her home, her caregiver is there to help her get it back on. Her caregiver can arrange repair services if needed.

Home care assistance is a great way to kick off the New Year. Your mom has the support she needs to maintain her independence. You gain peace of mind knowing she’s not alone and struggling to take care of herself and her home. Call a home care assistance specialist to discuss prices and get answers to your questions.

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