Heart Disease: What Can Your Senior Do to Reduce Her Risk of Heart Disease?

Heart Disease: There is so much more than your senior can do about heart disease than she might believe she can do.

Lots of aging adults look at heart disease as a condition that is going to happen no matter what. But there are variables that your senior can manage.


Homecare in Chico CA: Heart Disease

Homecare in Chico CA: Heart Disease

Talk to Her Doctor about Her Risk Factors

Your senior needs to be aware of her risk factors if that’s something that she’s been avoiding. Set up a time to talk to her doctor about your elderly family member’s current health issues and how those might impact her risk of developing heart disease. High blood pressure levels or high cholesterol are two factors in particular that your senior needs to pay attention to.

Revamp Her Diet

Dietary changes are usually an easy way to help to reduce risk factors associated with heart disease. Changing things like cooking methods from frying to baking can be a huge help. Switching up foods like fatty meats for omega-3-rich fish and lean protein is also good. Leaning heavily on vegetables and fruits may also be an important change.

Consider an Exercise Program

Exercise helps to keep your senior’s heart strong and healthy. It can also help her to regain strength if she’s having heart issues. Always talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about exercise before she starts a plan for moving more to ensure that she is doing the right movements for her body and her needs. Easy exercises to start out with include walking and water aerobics, among other activities.

Avoid Smoking or Quit Smoking Completely

Smoking gets a special mention in terms of heart disease because of the toll it takes on your senior’s body. There’s the nicotine and other ingredients in the cigarettes themselves to worry about, but it’s more than that. Bringing smoke into your senior’s lungs makes it more difficult for her to get the oxygen that she needs and it makes her heart work harder than it has to work. All of this means that quitting or at the very least cutting back is a good idea.


Heart Disease:  Avoiding secondhand smoke is vital, too.

Facing a lot of changes all at once is never fun or easy especially with heart disease. It might be beneficial for your elderly family member to have help from home care providers. They can remind your senior to exercise, help her to adjust to a new way of eating, and more.


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