What Helps Your Dad Stay Independent as He Ages?

Your dad’s goal has always been to age at home. He dreads the idea of moving in with you or to another community. Can you help him maintain that goal without risking his safety as he lives alone? Can Home Care Assistance help?


Home Care Assistance in Chico CA: Aging in Place

Home Care Assistance in Chico CA: Aging in Place


What Does Your Dad Require to Maintain Independence?

What are the essential tasks required for your dad to maintain his independence? He needs to be able to feed himself. If he can’t nourish himself, he can’t thrive. Home care aides can cook meals for him. If he needs help getting the food to his mouth or cutting items to the right size, his caregiver can feed him or cut items into bite-size pieces.

Can he cook meals and prepare snacks? If not, is he like a majority of single adults who have a harder time cooking for one? If he’s relying on takeout, canned soup, pasta, or frozen dinners, it’s time to consider hiring caregivers for meal preparation services.

Another essential task to maintain independence involves hygiene and grooming. Your dad has to be able to take a shower and wash his body and hair. He may need support as he gets in and out of the tub or shower area, his caregiver is there to lend a helping hand.

After he bathes, his caregiver can help him dry off, apply skin cream if needed, and get dressed. His caregiver can comb and dry his hair, help him shave, and assist him with oral care like brushing and flossing his teeth.

Is your dad able to schedule and keep appointments? If he’s due his yearly doctor’s check-up, does he schedule it and keep track of when he needs to get to the medical office? Does he still drive or does he have to arrange transportation? Can he?

How about housework? Is your dad keeping his home clean and organized? Is there clutter near the front door because your dad struggles to carry things to the recycling bin outside? Does his trash pile up until you show up to visit on the weekend?

When was the last time your dad did his laundry on his own? If he has a hard time walking up and down the stairs to the basement while carrying a laundry basket, it may be time to have a home care aide helping with weekly laundry. His aide can change his sheets and towels, and launder everything while at his home.


Is It Time for Home Care Assistance Services?

If your dad is having a harder time keeping up with the different chores he needs to do each day, week, and month, it’s important to talk to the family about home care services. He shouldn’t have to struggle with independent living.

Home care assistance services are key to helping your dad maintain independence while aging. Call a home care agency and talk to an advisor about your dad’s care needs. You’ll learn more about prices and schedules, and be able to book the services he needs.


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