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Introverted Seniors: Home Care Assistance Auburn CA

Introverted Seniors: Home Care Assistance Auburn CA

Your loved one may not come out and say “I’m an introvert,” but if you have observed introverted behavior in his life, you might already know that your loved one does not like large group gatherings. He might prefer smaller, more quiet gatherings, and even those, he might only be able to do them for a short time. For people who are naturally wired as an introvert, social activities can be exhausting. It doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy spending time with the people they love or their home care assistance provider, it just means that they might need to do it for shorter periods and with rest periods in between those events to rebuild their mental and physical energy levels.

Introverts vs Extroverts

There’s a good reason that introverts like quiet activities and smaller gatherings better. Introverts process external stimuli differently than extroverts: they’re more sensitive to dopamine than extroverts and therefore require less of it to experience happiness.

Unfortunately, that need to retreat often causes introverts to lose contact with people because they don’t attend as many events and they can get lonely. One way you can help your loved one is to encourage activities that he will still enjoy but won’t mentally drain him. You can also help to encourage him by not requiring too many social activities at once that don’t allow for that downtime to recharge.

Here are five easy activities your loved one can do without feeling overly drained by the activity.

Have One-on-One Social Interactions

While a large group might be overwhelming, chatting with his home care assistance provider a couple of times a week might be perfect. While small talk might not be your loved one’s favorite, if you can find a home care assistance provider who has the same interest (like gardening or mystery movies), talking about those topics will engage him and boost his spirits.

Physical Activity

While going to the gym or senior center might seem like a nightmare, an evening stroll in the park or a swim in his pool might be perfect. If safety is a concern, having his home care assistance provider join him could be an option.

Hobbies: Reading or Watching Movies

Many introverts like to lose themselves in another world by reading, watching a TV series, or going to the movies alone. It’s an important part of their self-care as that time is spent letting their body recharge, especially after a social engagement.

Creating Art

Since many creative processes are also solo processes, if your loved one is an introvert, you might suggest he try out a new creative activity, like painting, sculpting, or photography.

Playing Cards or Online Games

A loud poker party may not be the place for your loved one, but playing a nice round of cards with one or two other people could be great. Many introverts find online games are a great way to connect because social conversations are few as gamers focus on the game but still get to connect.

Your loved one will appreciate that you care about what’s important to him and how he is wired when you help him come up with activities that will fit with his natural tendencies.

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