Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors After a Fall

Senior Falls: Home Care Assistance Folsom CA

Senior Falls: Home Care Assistance Folsom CA

Falls in older adults are not uncommon. But, you do want to take steps to prevent another fall. If your mom lives alone or her family caregiver isn’t there every day, arrange to have home care assistance.

The services your mom needs depend on the fall and injuries she received. Here are the five home care assistance services that offer the most help after someone falls.

Medication Reminders

After a bone fracture or head injury, your mom will likely be using pain relievers to ease the pain. She might be using prescription pain meds or over-the-counter ones. Her home care aide can tell her when she’s okay to take another pill.

Grooming and Hygiene

Getting in and out of the shower is a challenge with a broken leg. Washing your hair is tough if your arm is in a cast. Your mom may also struggle to open a bottle, apply soap to her hair or body, lather it up, and rinse it thoroughly.

Your mom’s caregivers can help her brush and floss her teeth. She can have help getting dried off and dressed. If she needs someone to trim her toenails, that’s another option available with personal care services.

With a head injury, your mom’s balance may be off. She needs to be careful getting in and out of the shower. Her caregiver is there to monitor her and make sure she’s okay.


With a broken arm, leg, hip, or other fracture, housework is tough. Balancing heavier items when using crutches or being limited to one arm is tough. A caregiver can take care of the vacuuming, dishes, laundry, trash, recycling, dusting, and other chores.

The caregiver can load and run a dishwasher. Once the dishes are washed and dried, they are put away. Tidying up is another task caregivers help with.

Meal and Snack Preparation

Your mom cannot cook meals. She can’t lift a pan from the oven or chop ingredients. Caregivers can prepare home-cooked meals for her. They’ll discuss what she wants to eat that week and cook the items at the appropriate time.


Your mom cannot drive with a broken arm, leg, etc. She needs someone to drive her to appointments and help her run errands. Her home care assistance caregiver can drive her around, assist her in stores and pharmacies, and bring her back home.

As your mom’s bones heal, she’ll have many appointments with her medical team. She’ll have x-rays completed to monitor the bones’ healing process and determine if it’s safe to remove the cast.

Arrange to have home care assistance for your mom as soon as she’s back home. Help her out as much as you can, but when you’re at work, home care aides help her with daily activities. Talk to a home care assistance specialist to learn how to make the arrangements your mom needs.

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