Did You Know Home Care Helps Families Not Just the Elderly?

When you’re considering hiring a home care aide, you probably think of the different ways that the caregiver helps your mom. Did you ever stop to think about how much the caregiver also helps you? A home care assistance provider will support an elderly client in ways that help maintain independence, but their services also help the entire family.


Home Care Assistance in Lincoln CA: Home Care

Home Care Assistance in Lincoln CA: Home Care


Caregivers Reduce the Burden You Feel

When you hire caregivers to help your mom, you avoid feeling some of the burden family caregivers take on. You want to assist your mom with everything she needs, but as her care needs increase, you feel the strain. You can’t say no to her, but you don’t feel you have more time to give.

Home care aides can take over some of the items on your to-do list. That eases the burden you feel, which helps you avoid excessive stress and have time for self-care.


You Gain Peace of Mind

You might live miles from your mom and only see her a few times a year. You spend a lot of time worrying that she has the things she needs, isn’t feeling lonely, and is taking care of herself. With caregivers checking in regularly, you have peace of mind that your mom isn’t struggling on her own.


Caregivers Allow You to Focus on Quality Time Together

You arrange home care aides to help your mom with bathing and personal care services. She has her caregiver around to clean her home, do the laundry, and change your mom’s sheets and towels. That leaves you with a lot of free time.

Use that free time to spend quality time with your mom. Take her outside for a walk or join her in her gardens. You might want to make tea and sandwiches and have the caregiver join you both on the back deck for a leisurely lunch. Enjoy doing things that your mom loves to do together.


You Build a Bigger Support Team

Caring for your mom on your own offers emotional and physical challenges you weren’t expecting. Helping her get in and out of the shower makes your muscles and joints ache. When she lashes out at you in frustration, you feel the emotional toll.

Having a strong support team is essential for a family caregiver. By arranging home care services, you expand your support team. You have a professional caregiver who can take on tasks you don’t feel confident doing on your own.


Caregivers Let You Take Days Off

Finally, home care includes a vital service known as respite care. With respite care, a caregiver takes over while you go on vacation, recover from an illness, or take a day off to focus on your needs.

You might arrange respite care so that you can catch up on medical check-ups, dental exams, and errands. If you deal with severe seasonal allergies, you could use respite care services to stay home until you find a medication that works. Call a home care agency to learn more.


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