Home Care Assistance – The Importance of Creating a Safe Bathroom For Seniors

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To ensure seniors are healthy and less likely to get hurt, it’s essential to ensure their bathrooms are safe. This is due to an increased risk of falls and changing skills that come with age. Also, as these changes happen, it can be challenging for loved ones to be confident about seniors living independently. This is another reason why ensuring their home, including the bathroom, is a safe space. When seniors have home care assistance and loved ones working together, their ability to live successfully in their own homes increases. Continue reading to gain tips on creating a safe bathroom for seniors.

Install grab bars: Installing grab bars near the toilet, bathroom, and shower can give seniors stability and support. These bars should be attached to the wall well and be strong enough to hold weight.

Non-slip flooring: Non-slip flooring or mats help keep seniors from slipping and falling, especially on wet floors.

Remove trip risks: Remove any loose rugs, clutter, or electrical cords that could cause someone to trip on the bathroom floor.

Adequate lighting: Make sure the bathroom has bright, even lighting. Seniors may have trouble seeing, so good lighting can make it easier for them to move around and see any possible dangers.

Change the temperature of the water: Set the water heater to a safe temperature to avoid burns. Seniors often have thinner or more sensitive skin, making them more likely to get burned. The water shouldn’t be hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius). The water temperature can be monitored with home care assistance to ensure safety.

Handheld showerhead: Consider installing a handheld showerhead that lets seniors sit down while bathing and gives them more control over the water flow. This also makes it easier for them to maintain appropriate hygiene.

Raised toilet seat: If needed, a raised toilet seat or a toilet seat riser can be installed to make it easier for adults to sit down and get up. This also gives them more stability and puts less stress on their joints. For added safety, home care assistance can help them when needed.

Accessible storage: Make sure that towels, toiletries, and cleaning tools are accessible for seniors to reach. Store things at waist level or lower so they don’t have to bend or stretch too much.

Adequate airflow: It is essential to have enough ventilation to keep moisture from building up, which can lead to mold and mildew. A bathroom with good airflow helps keep the area clean and healthy.

By using these simple tips and taking care of possible dangers, loved ones can make the bathroom a safe and easy-to-use place for seniors, which will help them stay independent and healthy. Once the bathroom is completed, a safety check can be completed in the rest of the house. With home care assistance providing advice, the home can be safe all around in no time at all. When making changes, be sure to include seniors so they understand what is being done and can give their input.

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