Assisting Immobile Seniors With Meals

Home Care Assistance Rocklin

Home Care Assistance Rocklin

Sharing a meal is the foundation of so many relationships. Good food, humor, and shared experiences occur around the dinner table. But what happens when your elderly loved one is temporarily or permanently bedridden? If your older adult cannot join others for a meal or eating has grown difficult, mealtimes may become a source of dread.

Getting the right help is important if your senior is bedridden. This may look like 24-hour home care assistance or finding the right family member to help a senior who can’t move around. Seniors need social interaction, and it is especially beneficial during mealtimes. It may actually help them eat more and nourish their bodies. 24-hour home care professionals may help a senior eat and stay social, making it more appealing to eat dinner.

While you can’t fix the issue fully, there are things you can do to assist your loved one in participating in meals, which may also help guarantee they’re receiving the necessary nourishment. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Always Get a Doctor’s Input

If a loved one is bedridden, you must know their dietary needs and what they can and cannot consume. You can only do this with the help of a professional. You may even want to ask a nutritionist who specializes in senior health. If bedridden elders cannot elevate their heads, eating might be perilous. In such instances, other sources of nourishment must be examined. If your loved one is bedridden and unable to elevate their head, visit their physician for the best recommendations on feeding them.

Some elderly people have trouble chewing and hence may need a particular diet. If your loved one has difficulties chewing or digesting food, you’ll want to be aware options available. You should talk to the doctor about the unique nutritional needs of your loved one.

Set Them Up In The Right Position

Often, a senior will need to readjust to eat, a 24-hour home care professional can help them move.  Once you figure out the dietary requirements, it is time to get everything set up, including your senior.  Sitting upright is often the best position for eating.

If an elderly person is bedridden yet able to sit up in bed, the head of the bed should be raised to a nearly 90-degree angle. Use pillows or foam wedges to prop up your loved one’s head at a 75-90 degree angle if they cannot sit up straight. The correct posture for the head is either a neutral or slightly forward tilt. Positioning your loved ones in this way helps them avoid choking and improves their capacity to communicate with others.

Look At The Seniors Accessories

To help your loved one maintain as much independence as possible during mealtimes, purchasing an over-the-bed tray or table and easily accessible eating utensils is necessary. Seniors who have problems twisting their wrists may benefit from using utensils with an angled head. You may find utensils designed specifically for people with hand tremors by looking for ones with wider handles and/or straps.

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