Home Care Can Help Your Senior Celebrate National Noodle Month

National Noodle Month: Home Care Chico CA

National Noodle Month: Home Care Chico CA

Noodles are the ultimate worldwide comfort food, so it only makes sense that instead of having a National Noodle Day, there is an entire month dedicated to the wonderful noodle. March is National Noodle Month, so gather up your loved ones and celebrate all month long with some fun and delicious ideas.

Try a Different Cuisine Each Week

Depending on where you and your loved one are from, when you hear the word “noodle” a certain type of noodle pops into your head first. It may be spaghetti or some type of Italian noodle. It could be one of the many types of Asian noodles. Or perhaps you automatically think of the noodles in chicken noodle soup. Your loved one and even her home care provider may have a completely different noodle they think of.

So, to celebrate the month, break out of your comfort zone and stretch your elderly loved one’s palate by trying a different cuisine that uses noodles in its recipes each week. You might decide that each Friday, you’ll have your home care provider help your loved one shop and prep for a Friday Noodle Night, and then you can come over in the evening to prepare the meal and enjoy the delicious rewards of your labor. Just about every type of cuisine has some type of noodle dish, so don’t be nervous, try something new for yourself and your loved one.

Make Your Own Noodles

If you’re talented in the kitchen (or your loved one is but needs a little help), maybe you’ll want to try making your own noodles this month for a dish or two. This can be a fun activity to share with other family members such as your loved one’s grandkids and pass on family recipes. Even if you’ve never made your own noodles, you can have a blast trying (maybe have your home care provider purchase some premade noodles as backup, just in case).

Discover New Noodles

Just as there are many cuisines that use noodles, there are many noodles that those cuisines use. Just looking at Italian alone, you can try making meals with lasagna noodles, rigatoni noodles, mostaccioli noodles and so many more. Find some old recipe books for inspiration into what you can all make with the different noodles and have fun with them.

Go Out for Noodles

Maybe cooking isn’t your thing or you just want to have a nice treat out with your loved one. Use this month to visit several restaurants and try new noodle dishes. Some restaurants are even dedicated to having their entire menu based on noodles or you can look up menus online before you head out to make sure they’ll have a noodle recipe to try. And don’t just think Italian, look for cuisines like German or French that may not be as well known for their noodles but still have plenty of delicious dishes that are noodle-based.

So, use your noodle and plan a fun month with your loved one celebrating National Noodle Month in March.

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