Four Tools for Hearing Challenged Seniors

When your elderly family member’s hearing starts to go, that’s a big challenge for her. She may find herself becoming frustrated and angry that normal daily activities are much more difficult. These tools can help her to engage with some areas of her life in a more normal way.


Home Care in Chico CA: Senior Hearing Tools

Home Care in Chico CA: Senior Hearing Tools


Sound-amplifying Devices

If your elderly family member still has some of her hearing, she might find that sound-amplifying devices are extremely helpful for her. Often these devices look a little bit like hearing aids or even like in-ear headphones. Many of them work with smartphone apps. They use built-in microphones to amplify the sounds around your senior. The added benefit is that these devices are often less expensive than hearing aids and if your senior doesn’t have hearing that is bad enough to necessitate hearing aids, this might work.


Bed Shaking Alarms

Bed shakers are a type of alarm that connects to different devices like phones or alarm clocks to alert your senior when something is happening. They usually have a piece that fits under the bed, between the mattress and the box spring, and they vibrate to an extent that it feels as if someone is shaking the bed. If the bed shaker doesn’t feel sensitive enough to your senior between the mattress and the box spring, she might want to try using it under her pillow. That can be a little more effective if she’s a sound sleeper.


Lighted Alarms and Sensors

Another type of alarm that doesn’t rely on hearing is a wide range of lighted alarms. These can attach to just about anything from your senior’s doorbell to her phone. The sensor can be attached to a specific light in the house or some may offer standalone lights that are only used for the purpose of indicating an alarm.


Strobe Lights for Smoke and Other Alarms

Bigger alarms might require a different, or at least unmistakable, solution. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and other types of similar alarms might not be heard by your senior no matter how loud they ring. That can be disastrous. You can hook these up to a bed shaker, but she might prefer using that on a daily basis for something else. In that case, a bright strobe light attached to the alarm system can be a good solution.


Senior care providers can also be incredibly helpful for your senior if she’s got trouble hearing well. They can help her to be aware of her surroundings and show her tricks and techniques that help her to get around independently.


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