Eight Crucial Questions to Ask When Choosing Home Care Services

Before you hire a home care aide to help your mom and dad with daily tasks, make sure you’ve asked the right questions. These are the eight questions that every family needs to ask.


Home Care in Chico CA: Questions When Choosing Home Care Services

Home Care in Chico CA: Questions When Choosing Home Care Services


#1 – How Does Home Care Work?

Find out how the agency’s home care works. Do they come out and do a safety check of your parents’ house to assess what services are needed to help out? Will they point out the things you need to change to improve safety?


#2 – What Services Are Available?

Take a look at the things your parents need to continue living independently in their home. If your mom fell carrying laundry to the basement laundry room, laundry services are important. Your dad’s doctor told him he needs to stop eating takeout meals, but he cannot cook. If that’s the case, meal preparation services are vital.

Other services to consider include light housekeeping like dusting, making beds, and vacuuming. Your parents could have caregivers helping with transportation on appointment days. They could have caregivers offering medication reminders and helping them get out of bed or off the sofa.


#3 – What Happens if the Caregiver Doesn’t Show Up?

Ask what the process is if the caregiver doesn’t show up. A sudden emergency may keep the caregiver from getting to your parents on time. The agency may send a supervisor to cover until the caregiver can get there. If not, another caregiver may be dispatched.


#4 – How Often Do Caregivers Stop By?

Ask how often the agency recommends caregiver visits. Your parents may be fine with monthly visits for grocery shopping trips. They may need daily care for meals or weekly care for housekeeping and laundry.


#5 – Can You Hire Caregivers for a Limited Time?

Respite care is an important service. If you are going on vacation or have an illness that’s keeping you from stopping by, see if the agency offers limited-time arrangements with respite care services. When your parents no longer need caregivers, the services are stopped.


#6 – Are the Services Easily Adjusted as Needs Change?

Ask the process for changing services if your parents’ needs change. If weekly visits are not enough, find out how you’d switch to daily visits.


#7 – Can You Arrange a Trial Period?

Once you arrange caregiver services, are you locked into a specific amount of time? If your parents don’t like their caregiver, can someone else come or will you need to find a different agency or arrangement?


#8 – How Much Does Home Care Cost?

Once you know the services and schedule, find out how much home care costs. Make sure your parents can afford the services they want. If not, you may need to adjust hours or services.

Call a local home care agency now. Keep a pad and pen handy to jot down answers that you can share with your family. If there are additional questions, the specialist you’ve talked to will go over the new questions and help your family make home care arrangements.


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