Talk to Your Elderly Loved One About How Coronavirus Spreads

It is important that everyone understands how coronavirus spreads. With having the proper information regarding this virus, everyone can do what is needed to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If you are caring for an elderly loved one, make sure you talk to them about how coronavirus spreads. Hopefully, this information will help you to explain it to them.

Home Care in Chico CA: Coronavirus - COVID-19

Home Care in Chico CA: Coronavirus – COVID-19

Person to Person

One of the main things to know about how coronavirus spreads is from person to person. People who are generally within 6 feet from one another can spread the virus. This is why the social distancing rule is in effect throughout various areas of the nation. Social distancing is meant to keep people from closely interacting with one another. In addition, the coronavirus can spread by respiratory droplets. If someone who is infected with the coronavirus sneezes or coughs near someone else, they can infect that person. It is important to know that even people without symptoms can carry the coronavirus and spread it to others. This is why social distancing is so important.

Contaminated Objects or Surfaces

The coronavirus can be spread through objects and from surfaces, as well. If someone touches an object or surface that is contaminated with the coronavirus and then they touch their eyes, nose, or mouth, they could get the virus. However, this is not the primary way that the coronavirus spreads.

Easily Spread

It is important to know that the coronavirus can be spread easily. This is why hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States and in other areas of the world have contracted the virus. COVID-19 is being considered a community-spread disease. This is why you and your elderly loved one’s senior care providers need to make sure your loved one stays home as much as they possibly can. This will greatly reduce their risk of contracting the coronavirus.


These are some of the things that you should talk to your elderly loved one about in regard to the coronavirus. During the coronavirus pandemic, more information will be released by the World Health Organization and the CDC. As more information is released, it is important to get the proper information to give to your elderly loved one. With the proper information, you can help to keep your elderly loved one safe and healthy during this pandemic.


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