Helping Seniors Age in Place Safely

Home Care in Rocklin CA

Home Care in Rocklin CA

A growing number of seniors are opting to “age in place,” meaning they stay in their own homes instead of going into assisted living or nursing homes, in an effort to preserve their freedom and comfort. This often requires a need to increase the senior friendliness of their house. This blog will explore home improvements that may need to be made for successful and comfortable aging in place and how home care can assist in this journey.

Improvements to Bathroom Safety

Because of their slick surfaces and imprecise movement, bathrooms can be dangerous places for seniors. To add stability and support, loved ones should think about putting grab bars in the shower or tub and next to the toilet. To make the shower floor non-slip, they can also apply adhesive strips or non-slip mats. Additionally, a handheld showerhead with height adjustment and an elevated toilet seat can also simplify and improve the comfort of performing regular hygiene duties.

Level Entry Points

Mobility issues can make it hard to maneuver around the house. Yet, this issue might also be the hardest to make improvements for—well, at least to know what improvements need to be made. The good news is that the home care team can monitor seniors throughout the day and easily detect what areas cause the most problems. They can also provide tips and tricks for seniors to adapt to, as well as valuable information for loved ones, so they can research what changes need to be made.

Kitchen Modifications

Unfortunately, the kitchen is frequently one of the areas seniors might struggle the most with after the bathroom. This is significant, as they need to access the kitchen several times throughout the day for their meals. Thankfully, countertops and cabinets can be more accessible for people with restricted mobility or in wheelchairs by lowering them. Additionally, lever-style faucets and cabinet knobs can also make a faucet or cabinet easier to operate for people with arthritis or poor grip strength. The home care team might also suggest task lighting or senior-friendly kitchen aides to make the space even more inviting.

Safety and Comfort in the Bedroom

It is imperative to establish a secure and cozy resting space for seniors. Individualized comfort and ease of getting in and out of bed are two benefits of adjustable beds. Loved ones can help seniors avoid trip dangers when using the bathroom at night by installing bedside lighting and making sure all the pathways are clear. To ensure peace of mind in the event of an emergency, they might even consider including a medical alert system or getting assistance from home care.

Loved ones may provide seniors who are aging in place with a secure, cozy, and useful environment by making these home upgrades. Each improvement makes the living environment more comfortable and supportive, while also giving loved ones peace of mind. Additionally, with the help of the home care team, loved ones can learn what areas to focus on most, which only increases seniors’ chances of aging in place successfully.


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