How Can Home Care Aides Help Keep Your Mom’s Closet Organized?

Every time your mom goes to get a towel from her closet, they fall out. It’s frustrating as she has to refold everything and put the stack back onto the closet shelf.

She can’t fit anything else in her hall closet. It’s a mess and you’re worried about her getting hurt if something heavy falls out. Have you thought about using home care aides to help with cleaning and organization?


Home Care in Rocklin CA: Keeping an Organized Closet

Home Care in Rocklin CA: Keeping an Organized Closet


Tips for Getting Organized

One way to keep a closet organized is by using plastic or wicker storage containers. Put items into the baskets or containers and put those containers on the shelf. If you roll up towels rather than fold them into squares, several will fit in one container. When a towel is needed, your mom takes one from the basket. The stack of towels is gone and won’t fall out.

Having a spot for everything in her closet is another rule to follow. If she has more clothes than fit into her bedroom closet, it’s time to go through them. If she hasn’t worn something in a year, she’s not going to. She should donate those unused items.

As she clears things from her closets, she needs to think about organization. Small items like scarves, belts, and socks will stay organized better if she invests in baskets or plastic containers and puts those on a shelf. Sheets can go into under-the-bed containers, which adds extra room in her closet.


How Does Home Care Help?

Once her closets are organized, you want them to stay that way. Home care offers cleaning services that help. Your mom has a caregiver coming by to help her do the laundry. Once the laundry is done, the caregiver can put things where they belong. Your mom no longer takes a shortcut and leaves her laundry on a chair in her room.

Caregivers can keep up with dusting and vacuuming. Instead of letting her home and closets get cluttered again, your mom has someone to keep her home neat and organized. She’ll feel better because she’s not falling behind with household chores. You’ll feel better knowing she’s not opening the closet door and risking her safety as items fall out.

Talk to a home care agency to find out other ways caregivers help your mom age at home. With a wide range of services, she’s certain to have the help she needs as she sticks to her goal of aging at home as independently as possible.


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