Four Reasons Good Advice Is So Difficult to Take

You’re probably going to get a lot of advice as a caregiver. Some of it will be well-intentioned and even good advice, but other tips you get are going to feel as if they come out of left-field. When you’re a new caregiver, advice can be overwhelming and it can also be a little tough to digest.


Home Care in Sacramento CA: Caregiver Advice

Home Care in Sacramento CA: Caregiver Advice



You’re Dealing with a Lot of Emotions

There’s so much that you’re feeling when you’re a caregiver. You’re watching your senior’s life change immeasurably and there’s usually not much that you can do about it. It’s a lot to experience, especially all at once. The advice you’re getting might not mesh well with the emotional experience you’re having and that can make you feel even more overwhelmed.


There’s So Much to Do

There never seems to be an end to a caregiver’s to-do list. The tasks literally keep pouring in and that can be very difficult to manage. On top of that, you’re getting lots of advice. Some of that advice is probably helpful, but what you really need is someone to do something. In fact, that might be your response to some of the advice that you receive.


You’re Striving for Better and Better

You know you’re doing the best that you can, but that doesn’t stop you and other caregivers from constantly wanting to do better and more for your senior. That can mean that when you get advice, even well-meaning advice that has some merit, you might feel it like a slap. You’re doing the best that you can, so it’s tough feeling as though your efforts are overlooked on a consistent basis.


You Need More Input

If you’re a new caregiver, you might feel as if you just don’t know enough yet. Advice is helpful and you might find that you want more of it so that you can compare all of the suggestions and drill down to something you can use. But the reality of the situation is that you’re already doing great. You just need to start believing in the experience you’re collecting.


It’s great if you’re getting plenty of advice from people who care about you and about your senior. But you don’t have to completely change everything you’re doing every time you get another piece of advice. Learn to trust your experiences and to know when it’s okay to leave the advice alone.


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